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How to Choose the Best Kids Karaoke Machine

Singing along to your favorite song is one of the best past-times. What’s even more entertaining, is watching your child sing and dance along to their favorite Disney tunes. Opting for a practical, age-appropriate kids karaoke machine instead of a boring toy, will keep your child engaged for hours.

Not only does kids karaoke machines provide excellent language learning strategies, it also helps with improving memory and concentration. Above all, it’s insanely entertaining and a lot of fun.

How to Choose a Quality Karaoke Machine for Kids

There are a few things you need to consider to make an informed choice when choosing a quality kids karaoke machine.


It’s of vital importance to consider your child’s age when picking a kids karaoke machine.  For very young children (ages 3-8), you should pick a machine that is easy to use. Functional, colorful buttons that make robot sounds when you press them and is easy to control. For older children (ages 9-13), you should choose a machine that has extra features like voice control, voice manipulation as well as good quality sound.


Do some research about what kind of songs the kids karaoke machine can play. Some karaoke machines have foreign songs in their media library, which won’t be functional when you’re trying to read the lyrics. If your kids like Disney classics, you need to find a machine that has those songs already programmed in.  Pop chart songs and golden oldies are some favorites for older children.

Some kids karaoke machines need CD graphic discs, that enables them to display lyrics on the machine’s screen. Whereas other machines have a set list of songs which can’t be altered by buying extra media. Unless you want to hear ‘Let it go’ from Frozen over and over again, you should ensure that you buy a kids karaoke machine where you can purchase and add extra songs to the library.


How much are you willing to invest? A more expensive machine doesn’t always mean better quality, but a cheaper machine can mean less features and sound quality. Prices are reliant on the extra features, functionality and the kind of brand.  


Reviews don’t lie. Read reviews from previous customers to help you make your decision. Looking at star ratings and written reviews will give you the inside scoop from a consumer’s point of view.

Different Kinds of Kids Karaoke Machines to Choose From


This product is suitable for kids aged between 5 months – 8 years. It is designed to imitate the characters from the hit Disney movie Frozen. It’s a portable device that can be plugged into a power socket or be battery powered. LED lighting features are included to give your performance a showstopping feel. This kids karaoke machine has a built-in radio and can also be connected to other media. It has CD-G compatibility.

  • Reason to purchase: It includes a bonus FREE CD with hit songs from Frozen. The Disney movie Frozen is extremely popular.
  • Reason to avoid: It doesn’t have a screen, so you need to be close to your television or computer monitor to be able to read the lyrics while singing.


A more affordable kids karaoke machine, that has all the basic features of a normal music player. You can stream your favorite songs by using MP3, Bluetooth or Micro SD input. The hard-plastic cover and design make this music player extra durable. It’s portable and can only be powered by batteries.

  • Reason to purchase: It has two microphones for fun sing-a-long playmates as well as a headphone input option to listen to music.
  • Reason to avoid: Even though it has a small display screen, it can’t connect to a monitor and display lyrics. It has no extra features like lighting, CD-G compatibility or electrical power cord adaptability.


With a lot of extra buttons and settings, this kids karaoke machine is perfect for older children. It features a volume control button, LED lighting, extra voice effects and a recording option. The device has USB, Bluetooth, MP3 and CD-G input. Two friends can sing-a-long as it has two wired microphone jacks with separate volume control.

  • Reason to purchase: It’s basically an all-in-one karaoke system, you don’t need to purchase anything extra as it offers everything you need and more.
  • Reason to avoid: The only downside is that it’s not very portable and can only be powered by electricity.

4. SINGING MACHINE – kids pedestal

Use this karaoke machine as part of its pedestal or as a portable device.  With functional and easy-to-use button settings this singing machine is any kid’s dream. It provides features like volume control, voice control, recording, playback and voice manipulation. The singing machine connects to almost all devices like iPads, iPhones, television monitors and even Kindles.  The Singing Machine company offers guarantees on the microphones and electronics, replacing them when they break due to malfunction.

  • Reason to purchase: The standing pedestal makes it functional and all the extra features provides hours of endless singing fun.
  • Reason to avoid: It’s expensive.


The Little Pretender’s hand-held, portable karaoke machine has two microphone jacks for duets and powerful stereo output. It offers limited features like microphone and music volume control, CD/MP3 player, skip, rewind, and pause/play.  The MP3 player has a maximum storage space of 32gig and it has a small LCD screen that displays song names and numbers. Battery operated as well as two-point electricity outlet available. Basically, it is a CD player with speakers and two fun microphones.     

  • Reason to purchase: It is easy to use, durable and portable.
  • Reason to avoid: It’s overpriced for the limited number of features it has to offer. Microphone cords are short. There’s no CD-G input to display song lyrics on a screen.

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