Special Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

He might be getting old and grumpy, but he’ll always be your best friend – it’s your dad. Usually, he’s easy to please with a good meal, and some peace and quiet, but this year you want to surprise him. If you’re in deep water then don’t worry; here are some special gift ideas that will help to surprise your dad.

Personalised Cuff-links – £75

Cufflinks - Special Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

There’s always a wedding or some occasion to attend where your mom will make your dad wear a nice shirt. Perhaps make that ordeal a whole lot easier with these personalised cuff-links to show off his initials (or any pairing of letters) on his sleeves.

Reasons to Buy: It’s a stylish statement that adds some real class with a simple statement.

Reasons to Avoid: After all these years, you’d have thought your dad might know his own name by now – he doesn’t need reminding!

PERFECT FOR: Businessmen who have a suave demeanor in everything they do.

Fizzics Draftpour – £129.99

Fizzics Draught Beer - Special Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

Enjoy ice-cold draught beers and cider at home with no extra cost incurred. Run your house like a bar without investing in barrels and kegs of beer; simply insert any sized can or bottle into the dispenser, and pour straight into the glass without worrying about spillages.

Reasons to Buy: Ice-cold beer poured straight from the pump is always better in taste and quality than just supping from a can, so why not show your dad how easy it is without taking him to the pub.

Reasons to Avoid: The dispenser has to be reloaded with a new drink every time. This gadget doesn’t hold any cooling system or space for more than one source – you may as well pour straight from can / bottle to glass.

PERFECT FOR: Dads who love to entertain, maybe they have a home-bar already but want a small gadget for those quieter nights.

Beard Buddy Shaving Bib – £12.99

Beard Buddy - Special Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

If your dad is the type of guy to change his facial hair every few months, or has to maintain a luscious mane of hair every week, then the Beard Buddy Shaving Bib has your back (or chin). Wear around the neck and stick the other end to another surface to catch all the stray hairs when your dad is sculpting is beard.

Reasons to Buy: If your dad is the kind of guy who regularly needs to shave or trim his excess facial (or body) hair, then this handy device will cut cleaning times in half.

Reasons to Avoid: Is anybody really that messy to need an entire apron to tidy up all of their hair whilst shaving and trimming? Surely, nobody is that chaotic to need this novelty gift.

PERFECT FOR: Men with bushy beards who need a helping hand when taming that ferocious facial landscape.

MasterClass – £85 to £170

MasterClass - Special Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Dad

Some say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but your dad isn’t a dog and he can always learn something new. With just ONE of these specially designed courses, your dad can learning cooking, an instrument, writing, and so much more from industry professionals like Gordon Ramsey and Neil Gaimon.

Reasons to Buy: This is a superb opportunity to learn something really valuable from a knowledgeable celebrity. Whether it’s a hobby or a new career path, this could teach your dad a lot he didn’t already know.

Reasons to Avoid: It is a lot of money simply for a gift, and a lot of time to commit on their part. If this is something you’re interested in purchasing for them, maybe consult him first.

PERFECT FOR: Young, open-minded dads who want to take on a new vocation or skill.

If any these helped you to find the perfect gift, or if you have any of your own special gift ideas to surprise your dad then comment below and share your thoughts.

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