Gifts For 4-5 Year Olds

In this stage of a toddler’s life, they have an idea of things they like and don’t like. When buying a gift for a 4-5 year-old you need to consider their interests but also try to introduce them to new and interesting things.

Here is a list of a few gifts you can buy for a 4-5 year old’s birthday.

Sandbox| Price: $90

Best for: Outdoor play

Toddler Playing In SandBox

The durable plastic sandbox comes with a lid (to protect from rain and other creepers getting in at night). It provides toddlers with seating space on each corner and enough room for a few friends and buckets full of beach sand.

Shaped in a rectangle the sandbox is portable and can be easily stowed away when not in use.

  • Reason to get: A sandbox is great entertainment for any 4-5 year-old and their friends
  • Reason to avoid: You need to buy additional sand from a garden or building shop

Spill&Splash Water Table| Price: $69.99

Best for: Outdoor play and cooling down during summery and sunny days

Toddlers Playing With Spill and Splash Water Table

Create waterfalls and water bombs with Step 2’s cleverly designed water table. Toddlers can stand up while they play with two durable splashing pools that can contain 2.22 gallons of water.

Included is 11 pieces of scoops, buckets and water animals together with an umbrella to protect skin from the sun.

  • Reason to get: Hours of fun, durable, great value for money
  • Reason to avoid: It’s season-specific and can’t be used in the winter

Bathtime Bag| Price: $9.99

Best for: To encourage toddlers to enjoy bathtime while playing

Cloud B Turtle Bathtime Bag

An excellent bathtime goodie bag that includes a rubber duckie, a Twilight turtle rattle, and a Twilight turtle bath toy.

The plush rattle can soak up water and when squeezed it creates a soft rattle sound and released water. Buy two of these bags that are wrapped up in tulle and ribbon to get other cute animals like giraffe, sheep and ladybugs.

  • Reason to get: The animals are cute and the all-inclusive bag is great value for money
  • Reason to avoid: Could be seen as a bit boring

Yoobe Play Tent and Tunnel| Price: $57.92

Best for: Outdoor play and active fun with friends

Yoobe 8-in-1 Play Tent and Tunnel

The Yoobe Play Tent and Tunnel can be easily assembled and stored away. It’s extra durable and consists of four tents and four tunnels.

Colorful in appearance and entertaining to play with, this play tent is perfect for a backyard fun day. The tents and tunnels are made with soft polyester fabric and strong steel wiring.

  • Reason to get: It’s great value for money, has a multiple purpose use for pets and parties
  • Reason to avoid: Tunnel size is 43” x 18” so only suitable for smaller toddlers

Zany Zoo| Price: $59.99

Best for: Building fine motor skills and learning the alphabet and numbers

Zany Zoo Wooden Activity

The Zany Zoo wooden activity box is filled with vibrant colors and images. It’s 18 inches tall and wide and has five fun sides to it.

The box is made from solid wood and painted with water-based paints to provide safety. It’s specifically designed to improve hand-eye coordination and encourage the learning of the alphabet and numbers.

  • Reason to get: Educational toy with a lot of bibs and bobs that can’t get lost somewhere in the house
  • Reason to avoid: We can’t think of a reason

The aim of gift buying should always be to entertain, to encourage learning and being active. When you buy either of the above-mentioned gifts you’ll achieve just that. Plus, you’ll end up being one of their favorite aunts or uncles.


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