Vtech Alphabet Train Walker Review

The Vtech Alphabet Train Walker is an excellent educational toy that will help your toddler achieve some important motor skills, literacy, and imagination building milestones.

This is what almost every grown-up will say, but we were more interested to hear from our growing toddler audience.

That’s why we decided to give the train to our one year old cousin for a test run.

Here’s him exploring his new set of wheels.

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Still figuring out the gears and all the noisy accessories. What does this spaceship actually do?
baby uses vtech train walker
Knowing how to get on and off is also important.
Seat for his girlfriend is a must.
baby running on vtech train walker
After the ground rules have been established, it’s a year full of fun and speedy races through the yard.

Now that we know how a toddler feels about Vtech’s Alphabet train, it’s time to see what makes this a fun walker and what to expect when unboxing.



Perfect Age: 12 months

Best For: Toddlers that have made their first steps and are ready for new challenges connected with shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

Vtech’s Alphabet Train Walker is a multi-purpose push and pull toy that comes with many different features. The colorful toy train is made from a durable plastic material and creates hours of endless fun.


  • Different features promote educational development including Language development, Discovery exploration, Motor skills, and Auditory stimulation.
  • Hours of interactive and diverse play
  • Battery operated (3xAA batteries are included)
  • Great number of interchangeable parts that imitate a variety of sounds
  • 81% of Amazon customers gave the Alphabet Train a 5-star review


  • The toy is recommended for toddlers between ages 12-36 months, which means it can’t really be used after your toddler reach the age of 1-3.5 years
  • 5% of customers aren’t satisfied claiming that the toy’s alphabet audio doesn’t correlate with the blocks
  • Blocks have stickers on them that can peel off after excessive use
  • There might be some problems with the audio playback in some production trains

Designed specifically as a learning tool, the electronic train offers a smart grow-with-me play that teaches colors, songs, numbers, letters, weather, and stories.

The multi-faceted design of the Alphabet train can be used in

  • fun floor play,
  • as a pushing and pulling tool,
  • and be sat on as a ride-on train.

A great learning toy that can be used by curious and active toddlers as well as more stationary and creative toddlers.


Vtech prides itself in creating a toy that has many different parts. The train has two interlinkable compartments.

  • The front part – Shaped like a colorful toy train. This part has many different knobs, sounds, and activities. Parts on the train include a cute storybook that can be opened with sound, gears, 13 double-sided alphabet blocks, Walkie-Talkie, light-up buttons with animal sounds, and a dial pad that plays over 100 melodies.
  • Handle – On top of the train is a handle that can be held onto when pushing or while riding.
  • The back part – is a ride-on toy wagon. The cute seat is placed on an empty structure that can be filled with toys.


The setup is fairly easy and the toy comes with a user’s manual.

The toy is shipped in more than 20 different parts that have to be assembled by an adult. Once the wheels, engine handle, carriage support, carriage seat, soft hinge, and carriage bottom has been installed they cannot be removed again.

The train and carriage can be detached from one another by simply pulling the hinge out of the slot.

Step by step assembly

vtech train unboxing
Don’t get overwhelmed when you unbox the walker, setup is pretty easy and straightforward.
vtech train engine
The engine is the heavies element as the battery (included) and the main speakers together with all light elements are found here.
vtech train clock
Then you can continue by placing all the stickers on the right places.
vrtech train stickers
Stickers give a brand new look to the walker.
You should hear a clicking sound when merging the blue and yellow parts of the wagon. There’s a hinge that connects the trailer with the locomotive, which you’ll be able to easily disconnect at any time.
vtech train built elements
These are all the build elements included in the package. You get the engine, wagon, wheels, music blocks and a bunch of stickers. Oh yeah, and a phone that does literally nothing.
vtech train assembly
The first thing you need to do is put some wheels on the locomotive.
vtech train manual
Don’t be afraid if you mess up as there are spares.
Then it’s time to mount the wheels on the wagon.
vtech walker music blocks
And that’s basically it. On top of that you’ll also have some interesting musical blocks that are recognized by the walker and each one of them brings a new sound and letter.
Ready to roll.


The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train has many features that can be enjoyed by your toddler.

  • It has a variation of 260+ sounds, phrases, melodies, and songs that teach colors, letters, animal names, and lyrics.
  • A four-way to play is promoted by detaching the wagon from the train and using it for floor play and as a walker. Wagon by itself can be filled with toys and pulled across the room.
    When the wagon is attached to the train, a toddler can sit on it and push with their feet while riding the train like a scooter.
  • 13 Colorful blocks with alphabet letters and images displaying an object that starts with a letter. Letters are placed into a slot and audio plays repeating the sound of the letter and the word associated with the object.
  • On top of the train is a gap where letter blocks can be dropped into. The electronic machine counts the blocks as they fall down the chute.
  • Colorful number keys on the side of the train introduce numbers. The dial pad doubles as a phone operating machine with a mobile walkie-talkie.
  • Above the dial pad are a series of light-up buttons with weather symbols printed on. They light up when pushed and repeats colors and weather scenarios.
  • The plastic, four-page storybook on the front side of the train. Has cute illustrations of farm and ocean settings. The storybook plays melodies and sing-along songs. Songs’ lyrics are available in the user’s manual.
  • You’ll find many gears and mechanical features on the train. The nose of the train is decorated as a clock with a moving and turning dial. These special mechanical features promote the development of motor skills.
  • The electronic device has an easy on/off switch and is battery powered. Troubleshooting instructions can be followed in the care and maintenance section of the user’s manual.


The Alphabet train comes in three different color-combination options including pink and purple, blue and yellow, and red, orange and yellow.

The train cannot be bought separately from the wagon and both parts are sold together.


Vtech created a multi-functional learning toy that promotes learning while having fun. Its colorful exterior and many features are what makes it any parent’s go-to educational toy.

Toddlers will develop gross-motor skills by riding on the wagon, pushing the train and pulling the wagon. Other finer-motor skills are improved by pushing buttons, inserting blocks in the shute and playing with the movable gears.

English language skills are introduced through the many sing-along songs and audio recordings. Not only will toddlers practice their auditory skills but they may also start repeating words from audio to practice speech.

The Vtech Alphabet Train surely is a true learning while playing interactive experience. That can be enjoyed through free-play and parent-toddler play.


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  1. My neighbor gets used toys and gives them to children who can’t afford to buy toys. She has one that has everything but the blocs that allow the train to do different things. Is there a place to buy just the blocks?


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