How annoying can it get to have to deal with so much smoke like the chimney’s because you want to have a BBQ?

This can really be sad such that your desire for BBQ is always ruined by this thought. BBQs are meant to be well grilled but some grills, even after pulling so much smoke, the meat is rather boiled then grilled.

All these can really make a firsthand experience go bad and ruin the taste forever.

But you can avoid this.  

How Smokeless BBQ Works

The idea behind the smokeless grill is to rather have electricity or infrared technology generate heat for the grill. It is also designed in a way that oil does not drop on the hot part of the grill which would cause a lot of smoke.

However, the smokeless grill is not entirely smokeless, it has very very minimal smoke visibility.

Choosing smokeless grills is an excellent choice if you are cooking in the home. This is because, the smoke is usually eliminated, which reduces the risk of inhaling the smoke.

Also, aside from eliminating the smoke which is considered dangerous, most of these grills have a drip pan that can help to reduce the grease in the meat.

This distinct property is highly beneficial as you do not need to worry about how much far you would be consuming.


You really want to have the best BBQ with the very right conditions? Read on.


Six different options in one comfortable size grill – top melt, contact grill, panini press, full grill, half griddle, and half grill. You can have a comfortable temperature with the reversible grills, griddle plates, and dual-zone temperature control can make the temperature totally comfortable up to about 500 degrees. Talk about multitasking, Gotham indoor smokeless grill is a pro cooking two different things at different temperature concurrently. This is because it has two independent control, hence, can take different cover position depending on what you are cooking at the time. It is also easy to clean- The parts can be easily removed to aid washing.


  • The removable plate is a plus, it allows easy cleaning.
  • The design is also attractive.
  • It has a dual control for cooking at different temperatures.
  • It has a multitasking setup, it can achieve different things at the same time.


  • The button holding the grill grates is not durable.


Functionality and affordability is the bedrock upon which Stovetop grill was built. It has a high temperature that is a plus. You can effortlessly prepare BBQ and not worry that it wouldn’t be perfectly grilled. It also comes with a drip pan that is removable for easy cleaning. Due to the aesthetic design of this grill, the dome-like lid ensures the flavor and taste is locked in and it is also removable for cleaning. The Stovetop grill was designed with much thought. Windowpane embedded in it enables you to see the food/meat that is prepared.  Certainly, having Stovetop indoor grill will give you the same taste and feel as having it outdoors.


  • The drip tray is removable and dishwasher safe
  • It is cheap
  • The lid design that allows the flavor locked in is a huge plus.


  • The grilling surface that was said to be non-stick actually turned out to be sticky.


Scrap outdoor and bring it all indoor, this is what a lot of people want to have -With Power smokeless grill, you can be assured of such experience. You have an even temperature across the cooking surface. Also, with the interchangeable plates that can function as a griddle and also a grill. A lot of times, indoor grills are usually small, hence allowing only little portions at a time, however, with Power smokeless grill, it has generous space, hence, the grill surface is also non-sticking. The temperature is also good as it heats up quickly and can allow up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You also get to see your food through the silicon-sealed glass.


  • It heats up quickly
  • It has a removable drip tray
  • It has a non-stick cooking surface
  • It can serve as grill and griddle


  • There have been complaints about the smoke-extraction fan getting spoilt over time


Over time, Philips has become a brand that has been tested and trusted. This means that this smokeless grill is highly trusted. It is durable and functional. It has a technology that minimizes smoke and ensures that the food is evenly cooked. The parts can be easily cleaned and removed. Constant heat is also provided for the food, which certainly assures an even heat.

The grill heats up quickly as it can take up to about 446 degrees Fahrenheit. The grid is aluminum and non-sticky. Also, due to the non-slip feet of the grill, it is firm. If you seek quality and durability, Philips grill is certainly one you should consider.


  • It heats up quickly
  • It has an infrared technology that ensures even grilling
  • It has removable parts and safe for the  dishwasher


  • It is expensive


In other to have a BBQ that is well made, you need a grill that is durable, functional and safe. Thus, it is important to consider the temperature control of the grill.

You should also consider the ease in cleaning, else, you would worry about how safe and healthy it is.

Lastly, the weight should be a factor too – The idea is to have outdoor experience in-house, however, it is in-house, so size is an issue which should be considered.

What’s your experience with smokeless BBQs? Are they any good?

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