What is Ideacious all about?

The simple answer would be helping people.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to figure out how to make a damn good paella or you’re just having trouble with your Chinese money plant, we’re here to help.

One day I found myself watching at the screen of my laptop and not even thinking about what I’m doing.

The air was filled with hollow strokes on the keyboard at 2 in the morning, and my sole goal at that moment was to fill some sheet, that was going to be reviewed at the end of the week.

And if the sales team did a good job it would become significantly easier for me to create a positive report and showcase how rankings have increased by 4% over the past 3 months.

So fulfilling.

How did I get here? Did I choose comfort over desire over time?

Probably. Like so many of us.

The issue was that I was looking at the WENUS and I was not happy.

I didn’t want to look at my WENUS at 2 am on Friday.

I was chasing dreams that weren’t mine and it was just the right time to put an end to this.

After a couple of months of trying to start up a marketing agency, I decided to onboard my small portfolio of clients to a friend that worked in the field and start Ideacious.

A website where I can be useful, change someone’s life, and manage to create a revenue stream for my family that would allow us to be financially free and make our major life decisions based on a desire, not the situation.

This is not a huge corporate site. It’s a blog where two people who love the life they’re spending together try to share useful information on:

Me and my fiancee at the beginning of our relationship

We monetize some of the content through the Amazon Associate program and some other affiliate platforms, which brings us somewhere around 7% of each $1 you spend on Amazon after clicking on the links we provide.

We’re always straightforward with the use of this type of links in our content, and our content is based solely on fact-checked information and truth. Even if we can’t make money from a certain product, we include in our content because it’s the best available option.

Our goal is to run a quality blog that will help us achieve our personal goals of owning a small piece of land where we can grow a rich garden and build a relaxing environment for our children. We’re currently expecting our first child and would like to leave our 9to5s and fully commit to Ideacious.com and our toddler clothing brand TinyLucy.

You can learn more on how the website operates and all the technical stuff by going through our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.

If you see something that doesn’t feel right on the site or just want to drop a line and say hi, you can use the contact form on our contact page.