Inspiring Gift Ideas for Moms Only Her Son Could Buy

Moms are the best. They wiped your nose, made your breakfast, and kept you safe for so many years, and as her son you want to give something back. It can be a nightmare finding something perfect, so here are a handful of inspiring birthday gift ideas for moms only her son could buy.

Willow Tree Mother & Son Figurine | $38

PERFECT FOR : The Mom that loves collectibles, especially ones that are handmade and as beautiful as these.

Sitting at eight inches tall and delicately hand-painted, this statuette is made to celebrate the loving connection over the years shared between a mother and her son. With over a hundred more in the collection to celebrate every occasion, you can start your mom’s sculpted figurine set with the best of them.

  • Reasons to Buy: Symbolising such a precious relationship with this really shows care and affection, whether on a mantelpiece or on her bedside table - she’ll know how much her son loves her.
  • Reasons to Avoid: If your mom enjoys collectibles, you could be looking at quite a few years of expensive present buying with these figurines.

Mama Bear Personalised Necklace | $30

PERFECT FOR : The sentimental mom who likes her bling to match.

Mother bears are some of the strongest and fiercest protectors of their cubs, so why not tell others that your mama bear is the best of them all. With a choice of gold, silver, or rose coloring, as well as how many cubs feature on the attached plate, this is a sure way to get into the good books of mom.

  • Reasons to Buy: Cute as an accessory and meaningful as a memento, this relatively inexpensive piece of jewelry proves how important family is to you.
  • Reasons to Avoid: Are bears your mom’s favorite animal? There are plenty of other animals that symbolize union, togetherness, and family - why not a wolf pack? Or adorable elephants?!

Bee Goodness Skincare Gift Set | $35

PERFECT FOR : The eco-mom who cares for the environment and likes it au naturel for her skincare routine.

Not many people can tell their mom they’re getting old or looking a little on the grey side without offending them but you. She trusts you to lovingly look out for her and make sure she’s in top form always, so why not treat her to these honey-infused toiletries - including moisturizer and cleanser.

  • Reasons to Buy: Subtle and sweet, this gift set will ensure your mother remains glowing even in her later years.
  • Reasons to Avoid: Not all moms want to be reminded they’re getting old so supplying her with this for her birthday might not be the right message…

Intertwining Oil & Balsamic Cruet | $28

PERFECT FOR : Refined mothers who enjoy the finer things, like wine and cheese, or bread and oil.

Show the union of mother and son like the coupling of virgin oil and balsamic vinegar. This handmade, personally blown glass cruet shows craftsmanship and care, and comes with an optional personalized engraved message. Treat your mom today, and maybe she’ll treat you to a home-cooked meal.

  • Reasons to Buy: Phenomenally crafted, this beautiful container wouldn’t look out of place in any cabinet or kitchen counter.
  • Reasons to Avoid: It could be argued that the “symbolism” of mother and soon is a tad forward, but still - very beautiful.

Hopefully, these inspiring birthday gift ideas for moms only her son could buy will wow your mom, and make you son of the year. If these gift ideas helped your or have any of your own spectacular thoughts then comment below and share what you think makes the best gift for a mother.


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