Fabulous Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Mother

They’ve looked after you for so many years and it’s time to give something back, but buying for your mom should be more than just a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of gin. If you resort to the same old presents and want to buy your mom something different this year, then here are a handful of fabulous gift ideas to surprise your mother.

Bath Bomb & Spa Gift Set - £32

Candles and shower sets are cute, but this all inclusive Bath Bomb & Spa Gift Set by LUSH bundles up top quality bath bombs, scrubs, creams, and lotions all into one neat box for you to delicately deliver and take credit for.

Reasons to Buy: Beautifully packaged in this adorable set, you can treat your mom to a personal spa day with out running to the bank afterward.

Reasons to Avoid: Certain chemicals and substances can be irritating to sensitive skin, although LUSH does offer alternatives to people with such altercations.

PERFECT FOR: Mothers that are treated like royalty and love to relax in a lavish life of luxury.

Initialed Disc Pendant Necklace - £20

Jewellery is always a good call, especially if you know what they like. Whether it’s the letters of her children’s names, or the initials shared by her and her partner like star-crossed lovers etched into a tree, this personalised pendant necklace will show that you really care.

Reasons to Buy: The only thing better than jewellery is personalised jewellery. With a choice of five different typographies on Gold, Silver, or Rose plating then you can make it look however you want.

Reasons to Avoid: Such a flimsy chain may be easily broken so a back-up necklace for the pendants may have to be bought in years to come.

PERFECT FOR: Stylish ladies who appreciate the extra care and attention put into finding meaning for a gift.

The Bobby Pin Caddy - £11.99

Of all the hair accessories, the humble bobby pin seems to be the most in demand but never available. With this cute addition to your mom’s handbag or keychain, she’ll never have loose hairs ruining that catwalk-standard style.

Reasons to Buy: It’s a superbly handy gadget that means your bobby pins will never be lost down backs of chairs or in foot-wells of cars.

Reasons to Avoid: This caddy could be seen as relatively useless by those who can keep track of all their belongings.

PERFECT FOR: Younger, active moms who need to keep that untameable hair in check (and need more bobby pins to pick locks).

Name a Star - £14.99 to £79.99

Star Queen - Fabulous Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Mother

Let your mother know she’s a shining beacon in your life by buying and naming a star for her. From extra bright stars to binary constellations, get the certification so that she can look up in the night sky and know she’s loved by you.

Reasons to Buy: Who doesn’t want a blazing ball of gasses in space named after them? It’s like owning a planet, except very far away and they can never go to visit it…

Reasons to Avoid: It’s a relatively useless present in the wrong hands. Your mom can’t play with it or use it to any means, so eventually it’s just another novelty gift.

PERFECT FOR: Sci-fi and nerd moms who want to ride the stars like She-Ra and Flash Gordon.

If any these helped you to find the perfect gift, or if you have any of your own fabulous gift ideas to surprise your mother then comment below and share your thoughts.


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