Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

It’s never bad to go for a safe choice when buying presents for the woman in your life. Of course, there’s jewellery, wine, candles, and flowers – they’re all obvious – but sometimes that’s not enough. If you really want to impress your special lady, no matter if that’s your mother, sister, girlfriend, or grandma, then here’s a handful of unique gift ideas for women that own everything.

Refillable Travel Perfume

Perfume Atomiser Tool - Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

Does she have a perfect scent in a bottle she takes everywhere? With this Pretty Useful Perfume Atomiser Tool by Oliver Bonas your special lady can smell sweet wherever she goes without the risk of losing the whole bottle. Easy to use and airport travel friendly, this essential tool will fit perfectly in her handbag or clutch.

PERFECT FOR: The woman on the go, whether she’s on her way to the office, a night on the town, or jet-setting abroad.

Snug Rug Deluxe Blanket with Sleeves

Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

There’s nothing like the warm embrace of being wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa after long day of hard work. Available in 7 colours, the Snug Rug guarantees a super soft, machine washable fleece blanket with spacious sleeves for freedom and comfort. There’s even a pocket pouch on the front for a hot water bottle on those extra cold nights.

PERFECT FOR: Elegant ladies who like to wrap up and relax with a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor

Storm Cloud Weather Predictor - Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

This tiny storm cloud can predict the weather with foolproof accuracy. Small white crystals suspended in liquid float, fall, and disperse depending on the weather to tell you whether it’s going to be rain or shine. It is an irresistible piece of decor for the curious minded wonderful for her kitchen counter or bedside table.

PERFECT FOR: Younger women who enjoy utilising simple yet interesting touches to brighten up a room.

Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

Smart Stress Ball - Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

Everyone gets a little angry or stressed from time to time. Save arguments with this handheld gadget that helps release stress, strengthen muscles with subtle exercises, and play games on your smartphone. Paired with the smartphone app, she can measure and record every squeeze and squish of this interesting little device.

PERFECT FOR: Women who need a break, no matter if that’s to play a game and flex out the stress.

Smartphone Photo Printer

KiiPix Smartphone Printer - Unique Gift Ideas for Women That Own Everything

Whether it’s selfies in the sun, picturesque holiday pictures, or a snapshot of memory held dearly, she is bound to have hundreds (if not thousands) of photos on her smartphone. The KiiPix Instant Photo Printer, that comes in Blossom Pink, Sky Blue, or Jet Black, quickly converts all of your saved images into delightfully cute retro prints. Help the woman in your life to decorate her space with your face.

PERFECT FOR: Sentimental ladies who loves to collect keepsakes and stash away memories.

If any these helped you to find the perfect gift, or if you have any of your own unique gift ideas for women that own everything then comment below and share your thoughts.

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