Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Mom And Dad

Some might argue that your parents are two of the most important people in your life, so why not treat them? It can be hard to figure out what to get them, but don’t worry. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for your mom and dad.

Outdoor Wine Table – £47.87

Folding Outdoor Wine Table - Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Mom & Dad

Whether they’re avid campers or just attending a barbecue, this collapsible wine table will easily hold all the elements to the perfect vintage picnic. The hardest part is finding the best wine and cheese pairing to compliment it!

Reasons to Buy: With easy carry handles and handcrafted wine glass holders, this garden gadget will stop your parents standing around with a drink in their hand – they’ll be sitting.

Reasons to Avoid: The only downside to this product is that it requires soft ground or grass to insert the standing peg into the ground.

PERFECT FOR: Wine connoisseurs who like to get out of the house, or relax in the garden.

Metallic Weather Dial – £40

With four choices of colour and an optional personalised message engraved, this weather dial will keep your parents in-the-know come rain or shine with clearly read pressure and temperature dials.

Reasons to Buy: Comfortable in an indoor or outdoor setting, this weather dial will help organise what to do with their day with a variety of weather parameters: pressure, temperature and humidity.

Reasons to Avoid: With modern technology, the latest smartphone can indicate live weather updates.

PERFECT FOR: Gardeners and outdoorsy parents who like traditional means of getting their daily weather forecast.

Heated Back & Seat Massager – £34.95

Back Massager - Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Mom & Dad

After a long day at work it’s time to loosen up and relax with the ultimate home back massager gadget. Including a plethora of focal areas and intensities, this easy to use accessory is a sure-fire way to tranquility.

Reasons to Buy: Relieve aching pains in your parents’ upper and lower backs, hips, and thighs without booking an expensive spa day. They can use it over and over again – even in the car.

Reasons to Avoid: Warm, pulsating sensations aren’t for everyone and can leave some people feeling more uncomfortable than when they started.

PERFECT FOR: Elderly parents who suffer from back and joint pains.

Google Home Mini Voice Assistant – £39.99

Google Home Mini - Fantastic Gift Ideas for Your Mom & Dad

You’ve seen the adverts – “OK, Google!”. A digital personal assistant that can play music and podcasts, control home appliances, and help manage tasks just by uttering simple phrases, and it’s all by your trusted search engine, Google.

Reasons to Buy: Why wouldn’t you want this? The Google Home Mini is linked to your Google account and can answer any question you could think of. From how many stars are in the sky, to what time your anniversary dinner is booked – Google knows it all.

Reasons to Avoid: Less tech-savvy parents might not get to grips with the system straight away and might find it invasive. Check before you buy this one!

PERFECT FOR: Offering a helping hand to busy parents on the go that need a little device that can organise their lives.

If any these helped you to find the perfect gift, or if you have any of your own fantastic gift ideas for your mom and dad then comment below and share your thoughts.


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