Mind-Blowing Gift Ideas for Your Plastic Wrap Ball Game

You buy some plastic wrap, you buy some gifts, wrap it all up and roll some dice - what an ingenious party game! But what do you put inside this hulking ball of surprises and mystery? Not to fear. Here’s some mind-blowing gift ideas for your saran wrap ball game.

Whip Yo-Yo | $12

PERFECT FOR : Easy fun and wicked cool for the simpler outer layers of your plastic wrap ball game.

The game has begun and you rip open the first layer of plastic to find… A yo-yo! The perfect Christmas cracker toy that easily available and tonnes of fun. Tie the string and off they go. The kids will have hours of fun from this awesome gift from a simpler time.

  • Reasons to Buy: Can be bought in multi-packs relatively inexpensively, or can more expensive for the designer ones - this could be the start of a new hobby!
  • Reasons to Avoid: Chunky plastic that can be tricky for some to use, this might not be the most subtle gift for your plastic wrap game.

Hot Wheels Super Cars | $12

PERFECT FOR : Radical boys who love planes, trains, and automobiles - anything to feed that need for speed.

Super Cars - Mind-Blowing Gift Ideas for Your Plastic Wrap Ball Game

You’re getting deeper and the prizes are only getting better, so you tare back another layer and find… Wow, Hot Wheels?! Whether you split them up individually or stuff them in a group, these super fast Hot Wheels toy cars are a definite winner for anyone who gets their hands on these.

  • Reasons to Buy: Hot Wheels are the iconic toy car and have been for generations - foolproof enjoyment.
  • Reasons to Avoid: Cheaper car brands exist, but more importantly small cars can be a choking hazard for little ones if they’re playing.

Luxury American Candy Hamper | $24

PERFECT FOR : Everyone who has a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed with these mind-blowing treats.

So, the tension is high. You’re getting close to the jacket until you rip back a layer of plastic wrap to reveal… A whole hamper of sweet treats straight from the USA. Split up individually, or stored as one big bucket of fun, this variety of cookies, chews, gobstoppers, doughnuts, fizzy suckers, and cans of soda pop, nobody is going to be sad with something like this in their lap.

  • Reasons to Buy: It’s a useful mixture of hard and soft sweets that can be hoarded or shared, separated or as a central bargain - why not try it out?
  • Reasons to Avoid: Allergies or even preferences could lead to arguments about trading sweets of what people want, so be prepared with another hamper hidden in the kitchen.

Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Card | $10 to $200

PERFECT FOR : The more adult group or those wanting a real surprise waiting at the centre of the plastic wrap ball.

It’s showtime. It’s the final, juicy centre of this endless plastic wrap ball game, reaching the climax you see it poking through, tear it open and what’s that? An Apple App Store and iTunes Gift Card! What a spectacular way to round off that amazing competition together, with the crowning champion being rewarded with whatever downloadable movie, music, audiobook, app, or game their heart desires.

  • Reasons to Buy : Wonderfully surprising that nobody will suspect hiding in the middle of all this plastic.
  • Reasons to Avoid : On the rather expensive end of plastic wrap presents, and not everybody has an Apple device however this can be solved with a smaller sum of money or a different gift card entirely.

The game is won and all is over, but there’s always more to hide inside the plastic wrap ball game next time. If you have any of your own mind-blowing gift ideas for your saran wrap ball game that you’ve tried and tested, share them with use and let everyone know what fun this strange game can be.


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