Gift Ideas For New Moms

What can you possibly give a new mom who has just received the best gift of her life? If you dig deep enough you will find excellent gift ideas for moms. To make your search a bit easier, I’ve done the digging for you.

Find below perfect gift ideas for new moms.

Instant Pot | Price: $79.95

Best for: Moms who need help with cooking

Instant Pot Multi-Cooker

The Instant Pot’s 7-in-1 Multi-Use pressure cooker is an excellent time-saving gift for new moms. It combines the functions of a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, warmer and pressure cooker.

The straightforward instructions and buttons provide the user with an effortless cooking experience. It’s as easy as putting all of the ingredients into the stainless steel pot, pressing the relevant buttons and leave it to do the cooking for you.

  • Reason to get: It saves a lot of time and space
  • Reason to avoid: We really can’t think of one

Instax Camera| Price: $58

Best for: Moms who love to capture the moment

Instax Mini 9

The Instax is a polaroid-type camera designed by Fujifilm. An old-school camera with a plastic cover and 60mm lens. The lens can focus and zoom in a little bit. Photos are taken and a photo sheet gets exported from an opening.

You need to buy Fujifilm Instax Mini Film sheets that come in a pack of 10. These sheets can have different borders in a variety of colors and designs. The photos develop on these sheets and you can write a short description in a space provided.

  • Reason to get: It’s great fun and immediate photos can be given to family members
  • Reason to avoid: Photos taken outside or in bright light has a low quality

Batiste Dry Shampoo| Price: $4.99

Best for: Moms who don’t like spending time on getting ready

Batiste Dry Shampoo Bottles

Batiste Dry Shampoo bottles act like hairspray that takes away oil and grime to give your hair a clean look. Their slogan “Live like nobody’s washing” is ironically true because the spray-on shampoo doesn’t need any water or washing.

Bottles come in different fragrances and work for a variety of different hair kinds, from oily to dry. A quick spritz of the Batiste dry shampoo can save any new mother from embarrassment.

  • Reason to get: It’s an excellent short-term solution and easy to use
  • Reason to avoid: It’s not a permanent solution to dirty hair, using too frequently results in white and ashy hair

Latched Mama Nursing Wear| Price: from $26.50

Best for: Moms who are nursing and wants comfort

Latched Mama Nursing Sweater

We all know that with a new baby comes a lot of new things. To make nursing comfortable, give your friend the gift of convenient nursing clothes.

Latched Mama has a huge variety of different dresses, tank tops, rompers, and even swimwear. Clothes are specifically designed for new moms who seek comfort and easy access.

  • Reason to get: Clothes are flattering and comfortable
  • Reason to avoid: Who would ever have a reason to avoid getting new clothes?

When buying gifts for new moms you always have to consider the efficiency and comfortability of the gift. The above-mentioned examples are excellent options.


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