Gift Ideas For Tween Girls

If you have a tween girl in your life, it’s possible that you have no idea what to gift them. A tween girl is between 9-12 years old and their personalities really reflect their age. Not a child, but also not a teenager.

What do you get them? Here are a few excellent gift ideas for tween girl.

The Secret Language Of Girls| Price: $15.22

Best for: Girls who love to read

The Secret Language of Girls

The Secret Language of Girls is a trilogy written by bestselling author Frances O’Roark Dowell. The book addresses tween girl drama and friendships.

It shines a light on issues that tween girls are faced within school and in their personal lives. Themes like friendships, love, romance, and bullying are all covered in the book. Characters are well developed.

  • Reason to get: Author is well-known and the book has great reviews
  • Reason to avoid: Storyline may not interest all tween personalities

Comfy Sacks Bean Bag| Price: $580

Best for: Girls who have sleep overs and enjoy lounging around

Comfy Sacks Bean Bag

The Comfy Sacks massive bean bag comes in a variety of different colors including black, blue, red and purple. The bean bag is made from microsuede or furry fabrics that provide a comfortable lounging experience.

The 8-foot bean bag has enough space for a tween girl and all her friends. If you don’t want to buy the 8-foot bean bag you can opt for smaller and less-expensive bags.

  • Reason to get: It has a 5-year warranty and if looked after it can last a lifetime
  • Reason to avoid: It’s hella expensive

3D Doodler Pen| Price: $59.99

Best for: Tween girls who are interested in arts

gift ideas for tween girl
MYNT3D Professional Printing Pen

Every tween girl can bring their imaginary characters to life with the 3D printing pen.

The 3D pen has an adjustable temperature meter, that allows for optimal fine-tuning. ABS plastic filament feeds through the pen’s tip at an adjustable speed. Same concept as a hot glue gun, but only more colorful, refined and controlled.

  • Reason to get: It’s great value for money
  • Reason to avoid: ABS plastic filament can run out quickly and needs to be restocked

Nintendo Switch| Price: $299.99

Best for: Tweens who enjoy digital gaming

nintendo switch - gift ideas for tween girl
Nintendo Switch

Video gaming has been popular since its introduction in the 1950s. Throughout the years, developers have mastered the art of video gaming, creating amazing products that can keep you glued to the remote control for days.

The Nintendo Switch can be used as a portable system and as a home console. Giving players the freedom to play games on a TV screen or in the cafeteria at school.

Digital games can be purchased additionally.

  • Reason to get: It can be interactive and the whole family can join in
  • Reason to avoid: There will be a lot of screen time

Tweens might be a bit scary and unpredictable. So, soften their hearts and win their affections by buying them any of the above-mentioned gifts. If you liked our gift ideas for tween girl or think that we missed something, let us know in the comments.


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