Genius Ideas for First Birthday Presents

They laugh. They cry. They eat, and then they sleep. They’re babies. But, what do you get a child for its first birthday when they want for nothing? Whether you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a family member or a friend’s newborn, here are some genius ideas for first birthday presents.

Personalised Bear Padded Playmat - £50

Personalised Bear Padded Playmat - Genius Ideas for First Birthday Presents

This wipe clean cushion personalised with your choice of name is made of 100% polyester to ensure your baby’s comfort as they sprawl out and giggle as they play.

Reasons to Buy: Wonderfully soft and easily transportable, this playmat is the perfect accessory to your childcare routine.

Reasons to Avoid: Sitting at 71cm in diameter, it is by far one of the smaller (and more expensive) playmats on the market for babies.

PERFECT FOR: Tactile newborns happy to lay back and watch the world go by, made even better by including an activity gym hanging above to play with.

Hands & Feet Casting Kit - £48.50

Hands & Feet Casting Kit - Genius Ideas for First Birthday Presents

This may be more for Mom and Dad rather than the baby itself, but this easy to use casting kit guarantees a framed memory of those first pitter-pattering crawls for years to come.

Reasons to Buy: An adorable souvenir that can hang on the wall to look back on how tiny and cute they were - especially when they’re a smelly teenager!

Reasons to Avoid: It’s not a very fun gift for the baby to receive, but more importantly… Isn’t it slightly creepy to have tiny limbs suspended on your wall?

PERFECT FOR: Sentimental families who enjoy collecting mementos so that nothing important is ever forgotten.

Soothing Hippo Projector Night Light - £19.99

Soothing Hippo Projector Night Light - Genius Ideas for First Birthday Presents

With three audio options - from lullaby to nature sounds - this overhead starlight projector available in pink or blue will help to comfort even the most unsettled little one, no matter at home or away.

Reasons to Buy: The best bedtime buddy a newborn could ask for with cuddly plush arms and legs, and three noise options to settle them off will help to set up a regular bedtime routine.

Reasons to Avoid: Powered by three AA-batteries, turning this little hippo on every night might cost in long-run. Maybe consider rechargeable batteries as well?

PERFECT FOR: Sensitive newborns and toddlers who find themselves to be restless sleepers and need something to calm them down.

Botanical Newborn Keepsake Box - £32

If you don’t want tiny hands and feet hanging from your walls, try this initialed keepsake box. Store anything from their first haircut to their first drawing - this neatly crafted container will keep your baby’s memories safe.

Reasons to Buy: This beautifully designed box adorned with their very own name puts all your prized possessions in one easy, safe place to be gifted again years later.

Reasons to Avoid: Depending on the sturdiness of the box, these four walls of wood may be no better than a re-purposed jewellery box.

PERFECT FOR: Proud parents who want to show their children how special they are.

If any these helped you to find the perfect gift, or if you have any of your own genius ideas for first birthday presents then comment below and share your thoughts.


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