Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

One of the positive sides of parenthood is the opportunity to reel out love to the little ones. Whether that’s in the form of praise, some really nasty junk food, or carefully handpicked gifts. From birthday presents to gifts encouraging good grades, our children feel loved and proud when we shower them with the latest toys popular with their generation. 

For most of the girls, a beautiful new dress or a pink teddy bear would do the trick, but for boys? Their desires come in varieties that you will find too difficult to choose from. Legos, toys of different sorts, and computer games are among the most common categories.

When your kids grow, however, the tendency to get less and less excited, rapidly increases, thus making it even more challenging to choose the right gift. The secret lies in finding what their interests are. Always go for items that are relevant to their interests.

With enough said, let’s take a look at 10 best gifts for your 10-year-old boy:

Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag

With nothing more than $50, you can gift your 10-year-old with this toy gun that comes in four different colors and settings. It would be ideal for a game with friends and can shoot as far as 130 feet.

  • Reason to buy: it has a five-star rating and is ideal for a hyperactive 10 years old coupled with its flashy perks
  • Reason to avoid: it is noisy and without volume control, and its small parts can result in choking hazard for kids aged 3 and below.
  • Perfect for: indoor and outdoor games with friends. Your son can go solo if he wants too.

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RipStik Caster Board

At $80.99 you can boost your son’s interest in skateboarding with this stylish yet functional caster board. It balances easily and it very much safer than the regular skateboard.

  • Reason to buy:it affords your kid more thrill
  • Reason to avoid: its wheels are not durable
  • Perfect for: learning to skate.

You can get it on Amazon here

Force 1 Drone with Camera

Besides taking pictures with mobile phones, this Force 1 Drone avails your child the opportunity of taking beautiful aerial shots that will last a lifetime.

  • Reason to buy: it comes with an HD camera and a microphone
  • Reason to avoid: the battery takes a long time to charge.
  • Perfect for: live shots of picnics, birthday parties, and other outdoor events.

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Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Archery is a fun field for boys and what better way to get your son into archery than gifting him his own Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow. His eyesight is going to be sharper with the fun filled training that comes with this gift.

  • Reason to buy: it comes with a good price and a great deal of fun
  • Reason to avoid: it is susceptible to breaking after a few months 
  • Perfect for: fun filled archery lessons

You can buy it on Amazon here

Educational STEM Learning Sets

This construction set will give your 10 year old the chance to unleash his creativity. It’s an upgrade from Legos and helps build brain power.

  • Reason to buy: its price is friendly and it is ideal for any age with parental supervision
  • Reason to avoid: certain small parts can cause choking
  • Perfect for: building 

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Elenco Electronic Playground

Although this may seem odd, however the Elenco Electronic Playground provides your 10 year old with entertaining and educational experiments such as Morse Code, Metal Detection etc. An instructional manual is available to guide your kid through the installation and experiments. 

  • Reason to buy: it is entertaining as it is educative
  • Reason to avoid: choking hazards for children under 3
  • Perfect for:kids with a liking for electronics

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Epoch Air RC Cars

This gravity defying car literally climbs vertical places, and does a number of other tricks. With its manual and remote control, your kid can’t go wrong.

  • Reason to buy:it is cheap
  • Reason to avoid: it charges slowly and depletes fast
  • Perfect for: indoor and outdoor fun

You can order it on Amazon here

Waboba Moon Ball

Gift your child with this gravity defying ball which can go as high as 100ft in the air. Its loud pop when it hits the ground would be entertaining for your son and his friends.

  • Reason to buy: it is cheap and easy to use
  • Reason to avoid: it could cause bruises if it hits someone
  • Perfect for: outdoor games with friends

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Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet

This Star Wars inspired helmet is the perfect gift for Halloween, and any other costume party your son may want to go for. He will not only look like a stormtrooper, but he will  also sound like one.

  • Reason to buy: its voice changing feature is great
  • Reason to avoid: it is quite pricey
  • Perfect for: costume parties and outdoor events.

It is available for purchase here

Spy Guy Secret Mission Set

This awesome spy agent set will boost your son’s quest for adventure. With its 10 pieces, your 10 years old can be transformed into a spy much to the envy of his friends.

  • Reason to buy: it is pocket friendly
  • Reason to avoid: choking hazard for children under 3. Keep it out of reach
  • Perfect for: indoor and outdoor events

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With this list of best gifts for a 10 year old boy, you can never go wrong in choosing the perfect gift for your son. Many more gifts are out there and if you think you would like to get something outside this list, be sure to check if it’s in line with your kid’s interest, pocket friendly and safe even for the younger ones around him.

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