Gift Ideas For 10-year Old Boys Who Has Everything

Coming up with unique ideas for gifts are challenging in itself. Finding unique gifts for 10-year old boys, who already seem to have everything that’s available in stores, now that’s a headache!

How Do You Pick a Unique Gift?


You need to remember that a boy of 10, isn’t old enough to be considered a teenager and not young enough to be considered a little kid.

At this age, boys can appreciate more tech-savvy and complex toys.


When buying a gift for anyone, you have to consider their interests, hobbies, and personality. When boys are younger they have to accept gifts that parents buy them.

Usually, parents buy gifts that they would’ve liked when they were younger. They don’t really have a choice.

Now, that he is older you can find products that tend to his interests.

What Do I Get A 10-Year Old That Has Everything?

You might think that he has everything he wants and needs, but guess again! Here follows a list of sophisticated toys well-equipped for a 10-year old boy who seems to have everything he wants.


GoPro Hero7 Black

A GoPro can be as tough as nails and a great gift for a busy 10-year old who would like to document all of the action. The GoPro Hero7 Black can be voice-controlled and has a live streaming option.

The smooth video recording function can be used to record high-speed activities while the camera takes superb quality photos of surroundings.

What makes this gift extra functional, is that it comes with loads of different accessories and add ons. For his next birthday, you can purchase GoPro accessories.

Perfect For: Boys who enjoy cycling, sports, mountain climbing, extreme sports, or any kind of physical activity.


Parrot Mambo Drone

A great start to any boy’s droning journey is flying a Parrot Mambo Drone. Complete with cockpit VR glasses and an FPV camera, boys can race and record while flying indoors or outside.

This drone is durable and easy-to-use

Perfect For: Boys who dream of becoming a pilot or stunt double.


Blue Homall Gaming Chair

Any 10-year old boy will confess that it’s much more fun staying inside fighting battles on the computer than running around outside.

A colorful gaming chair makes playing battle games on a PC so much more enjoyable. Not to mention the support it provides for your back and the mobility it provides with its swivel chair.

Perfect For: Boys who like to play Computer games against friends.


Unicycle - Green

Might sound strange at first, but a unicycle is an excellent gift to challenge a 10-year old boy. Not only does it teach him discipline, balance and endurance it will also provide him with a party trick he can show his friends in the future.

Perfect For: Boys who enjoy challenges, doing tricks and learning new skills.


Magic Collection Box

For hours of entertainment, the Mega Magic Collection can provide any 10-year old boy with mind-boggling tricks and traps.

Perfect For: Boys who like to be the center of attention, put up a show and enjoy anything entertaining.

Boys will be boys, the only thing that changes with age - their toys become more expensive.

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