Phenomenal Gift Ideas for Firefighters

Whether they’re on-duty or on vacation, the hardworking firemen and firewomen in your life deserve the very best when it comes to buying them a gift. If you’re sick of blowing smoke then here are a few phenomenal firefighter gift ideas to help you wow them every time.

Fire Extinguisher Toilet Roll Dispenser | $42

PERFECT FOR : The Firefighter whose a bit of a joker.

Store your toilet paper with pride in this re-purposed fire extinguisher. Hollowed out and cut with care, this one of a kind bathroom novelty ensures their house guests know what kind of business they’re in.

  • Reasons to Buy: A fun twist on the boring dispenser. Spice up the decor with other upcycled furniture to match!
  • Reasons to Avoid: Could be considered garish and ham-fisted with the wrong person or the wrong setting - be mindful who you buy this for.

Charcoal Pizza Oven | $140

PERFECT FOR : Entertainers who like to host gatherings for all their co-workers, friends, and those in the local community.

Get a firefighter who can handle the heat with this outdoor, freestanding, steel pizza oven. Standing at 1.77 meters tall with a charcoal-black finish, load up the burner and stock up on toppings because it’s pizza-making time.

  • Reasons to Buy: Easy to use and lots of fun, on their own or with friends. A firefighter who likes to cook and enjoy themselves do it will love this steel pizza oven.
  • Reasons to Avoid: Such a small design only gives the ability to cook a single, regular-sized pizza at a time. Serious food-lovers will want a brick-built pizza oven to their specifications.

Cotton Quilted Throw Blanket | $66

PERFECT FOR : On-call firemen and firewomen working those long, late night shifts far away from home.

Cozy up under this luxurious, 100% cotton, machine washable, super-soft quilted throw. For those late nights where they need a good night’s rest after a day of putting out fires and sliding down poles, this blanket will make sure they sleep easy.

  • Reasons to Buy: Incredibly soft, this designer blanket is thicker and comfier than your average, off-the-shelf blanket.
  • Reasons to Avoid: Quite the expensive price tag for just a blanket, but it’s the quality that counts… right?

Pipe Robot Firefighter Lamp & Liquor Hose | $222

PERFECT FOR : From party animal to a responsible evening tipple, this table accessory ensures the booze is smooth and well lit.

Winter warmer whiskey the fires up their cockles, or a spicy tequila to dance the night away, this stylish, rustic, handmade decor will not only pour your liquor but light the room too. A handy firefighter buddy to watch your back even when you’re not working.

  • Reasons to Buy: Look at it! Who doesn’t want a tiny robot with a backpack of whiskey to welcome you home after a hard day’s work?
  • Reasons to Avoid: Undeniably cool, but flammable liquid suspended above electrics might raise some alarms to working firefighters.

Hopefully, these phenomenal firefighter gift ideas will help you set the fireman or firewoman in your life’s heart ablaze. If these presents helped you or have any of your own ideas then comment below and share what you think makes a great firefighter’s gift.


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