Best Gifts For Hikers

Friends who hike are the best, they are adventurous, fit and always up for a challenge. For any outdoorsy guy or gal, you have to change the way you buy gifts. A ceramic mug or bath products just won’t make them happy.

There are many unique hiking equipment available on the market, that isn’t a huge tent or sleeping bag and we’ve done the hunting for you. Here follows a list of the best gifts you can give to your hiker friend.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter - $40.95

Squeeze Water Filtration System
Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter

The Squeeze Water Filter weighs only 3 ounces and ensures customers of its water purifying magic. It has a special filtration system that eliminates and remove 99.99% of all bacteria and 100% of microplastics.

Not only is this product easy-to-use it comes with extra add ons that will make it last for a very long time.

Reason to buy: It’s a necessity for all hikers who hikes long distances
Reason to avoid: As a gift -it’s not really flashy or expensive
Best for: For long hikes with no access to fresh purified water

JetBoil MightyMo - $50

JetBoil MightyMo

Another excellent lightweight product that can easily fit into a hiker’s backpack. Regardless of its size, the JetBoil stove system has enough power to boil water for potatoes or morning coffee. It has a four-turn regulated valve which allows it to softly simmer for sauces or cooking greens.

Reason to buy: At $50 this is great value for money
Reason to avoid: Canister needs fuel to be able to light
Best for: Hikers who set up camp and need to cook food

Luci Inflatable Solar Light -$21.99

Luci Inflatable Power Light

A compact solar light that folds up into a small disk. The Luci inflatable power light was created by Mpower who specializes in eco-friendly lighting. The light charges in the sun to give users up to 12 hours of luminance. The outer sheet is weather durable and can be carried through rivers and rain.

Reason to buy: A great alternative to a bulky flashlight that is battery powered
Reason to avoid: Might not charge to full capacity in rainy or cloudy weather
Best for: Hikers who camp overnight

Spenco 2nd Skin Squares - $36.99

Spenco Squares

Retailing at $36.99 for 200 gel squares the Spenco second skin provides comfort for feet and hands. Placed on toes, ankles and other soft parts of the foot, Spenco Squares protects against blisters.

Cleverly designed by using a cooling water substance, it immediately soothes on contact. The sticky squares’ glue won’t leave residue on the skin.

Reason to buy: Provides protection for hiker’s feet
Reason to avoid: The squares are only available in one size
Best for: Hikers who are prone to blisters

Instead of buying your hiker friend the old faithful spoon and fork combination, rather opt for one of the above-mentioned products.

You’ll see them packing their hiking bag quicker than the word ‘go’!

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