Make the most of your balcony with a railing bar

Whether your balcony is small or spacious, it’s always a good idea to find solutions to maximize its efficiency and a balcony bar offers so many options.

Small balcony - Save space and keep the area open.

Large balconies - Create space for socialization or isolation and work.

Let’s explore different ideas and benefits of mounting a bar on your balcony. 

Small balcony bar

Installing a bar all along your balcony railing means you don’t really need a table and chairs, which will save you a lot of space you can use for plants and storage. This will put you in a position to comfortably entertain more people. A sturdy wooden bar top will comfortably fit plates and glasses. If you have good shade on your balcony it’s a real pleasure to have meals outside. 

Balcony railing bar small space
No matter how small or narrow your balcony is, you can enjoy the outdoor space with a functional balcony bar

You can even install tiny shelves on the corner of your railing and use this space to rest a glass or couple of cups of coffee. Something you’ll always need. Taking advantage of the railing is a great way to make the most out of your small balcony’s available space.

Large balcony bar

If your balcony is large, you have so many options! Apart from installing a bar top on the railing, you could create a bar nook on one side of your balcony, or even install a bigger bar against the wall. A large balcony means you can have separate areas for separate activities like socializing, dining or relaxing.

DIY balcony bar
DIY Balcony bar for wide area.

Combine it with high chairs or bar stools for seating, as well as tall plants, modern lighting options and maybe a few drapes or curtains to create a beautiful area that you will enjoy alone, with family or with your friends.  

The DIY railing bar option

If you’re handy with woodworking tools it will be relatively easy for you to build a railing balcony bar. We found this interesting building guide that can act as a step by step instruction manual.

Source: The Handyman Daughter

Required Tools

Cedarwood can do the trick, but you can also go with pine especially in areas with a long raining season. Here’s what you’ll need:

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Total Cost: $97.9 - $146

You probably have most of this stuff in your shed, but if you’re starting from scratch you’ll need to invest around $100. Some of the stuff isn’t a necessity and you’ll save a lot if you get your screws in bulk.

Here’s a PDF you can print provided by the Handyman’s Daughter blog that will guide you through the entire process:

Select a good topcoat

Apart from painting the wood to give it a nice appearance, it’s a good idea to waterproof it by applying a topcoat. Since it’s wood and it will be outside, it will be vulnerable to the elements and you want it to last a long time. So take care and make it weather-proof.

Here’s a quick video that will explain (almost) all available options: 

There are many options for installing a balcony bar that can accommodate all needs and balcony sizes. Here’s our top 3 wood waterproof stains selection*:

Best railing bars

It can be time consuming to wrap up such a small project, so if you want to save couple of hours of your day (depending on how versatile you are as a carpenter), there are really interesting ready to mount options.

This Dutch green company that strives towards sustainable design in urban environments offers the perfect solution for your balcony no matter the size. They have some interesting packs that include plant shelves, which can spruce up your home with a variety of spices and smaller plants.

There is a waiting list for some of the products, but there’s a huge selection of different products and packages.
balkonbar garden
Their shelves can create the perfect tiny garden.

Examples of how BalkonBar’s products fit in the real world:

Another EU company based in Germany that uses recyclable material to create a functional balcony bar you can easily mount anywhere as long as there’s a railing. There’s a flowerpot on the top, so you can create nice mini shade with some flowery plants.

balconcept rephorm balcony bar

Best Amazon Options

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Railing Bar



We don’t tend to think of the railing as a functional part of the balcony apart of the safety it provides, but with a simple piece of wood on top, it can provide many hours of outdoor enjoyment. There are some really affordable options out there if you don’t want to experiment with carpentering.


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