Gardening Gifts Ideas

Gardening is quite a talent. Some people are natural gardeners while others just don’t have the knack for looking after any plants. For those who love getting their hands dirty and for those who need some extra help in growing plants – there are a bunch of different gardening tools and gadgets available on the market.

Here are some excellent gift ideas for your gardener friend (beginner to expert):

Compost Bin| Price: $29.99

Best for: Expert gardeners with their own vegetable patches

Create your own compost by throwing vegetable and fruit peels into Polder’s kitchen compost bucket. The flexible non-stick silicone exterior makes it easy to empty and clean. The bucket is sturdy with a stainless steel frame that keeps it steady.

Not only is the bucket dishwasher safe but it also has a rotating lid that controls odors and airflow.

  • Reason to get: It’s a great alternative to buying compost and reusing debris
  • Reason to avoid: If not used correctly it can really stink up the kitchen

Garden Kneeler| Price: $29.89

Best for: Older Gardeners who needs support while working on plants in lower beds

Image result for Deep-Seat Garden Kneeler
Deep Seat Garden Kneeler

The Kneeler Bench is a sturdy gadget that supports the knees when bent down to work in lower garden beds. The cushioning is made from extra thick and super soft kneeling pads. A heavy-duty and sturdy frame gives the gardener a comfortable gardening experience.

The clever design allows it to quickly flip from a Kneeler into a Bench that can hold 250 pounds. Keep your gardening tools in the Kneeler Bench’s storage sleeves.

  • Reason to get: It weighs only 9 pounds which makes it easy to carry around
  • Reason to avoid: It can be hassle flipping the bench into a kneeler and the other way around

Bird Feeder Gift Basket | Price: From $49.95

Best for: Gardeners who love feeding birds in their garden

Petit Bird Feeder Gift Box

Digital Accents is a company that can create beautiful gift baskets for bird lovers from all over. They have two options a Petit gift basket at $49.95 or a Grande gift basket at $69.95.

Baskets include bird seeds, bird feeding tubes, books on bird feeding and other bird-related gifts like coasters and keychains.

  • Reason to get: Lots of gifts perfectly wrapped into one basket
  • Reason to avoid: You will be paying for the basket to put together, the content might not be worth the price

Sow&Grow Seed Starter Kit| Price: $29.35

Best for: Beginner gardeners

Nature's Blossom Herb Garden Kit. 5 Herbs To Grow From Seed: Basil, Cilantro, Sage, Parsley and Thyme Seeds, Ready For Planting. Beginner Gardeners Starter Set For Growing Indoor Plants.

Nature Blossom’s Sow&Grow gardening starter kit contains high-quality non-GMO seeds that can be planted indoors in small containers. The box has all-inclusive instructions to help beginner gardeners understand the basics of planting and growing plants from seedlings.

Box kits come in different themes from berries to flower and vegetables. You can even track your progress with the plant labels.

  • Reason to get: It has all the tools inside that you might need
  • Reason to avoid: Boxes are limited to only 4 kinds of plants per box

Make your gardening friend’s heart extremely happy by getting them any one of the above gifts.


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