Small balcony decoration ideas that solve your biggest problems

Balconies are often overlooked during home decoration campaigns, especially if we’re operating with a small area.

Most people think how scattering a jumble of items such as the good old rugged sofa from your granny’s patio, a table you saw at a flea market, or a vase from the attic is enough, but it really isn’t.

Spend more quality time with your balcony and make sure the decoration is a reflection of your inner self. We’re serious, your balcony should have as much soul as your apartment if you plan to spend lots of time there.

And who wouldn’t?

Today we’ll discuss some ideas you can easily do on your own that will spice up your small balcony. We’ll try to solve your biggest problems with easy and creative solutions and specific tips.

Let’s transform those couple of square feet of chaos into a functional balcony:

Where to sit?

Where to put my coffee? | Where to store my stuff?

This is the first and most important problem to tackle if you want to get the most out of your balcony. I mean, if you don’t have where to place your bottom, the list of available activities is quickly narrowed down.

Where and on what you sit depends on your taste, the number of people that live in your apartment and of course your budget.

Custom made built-in couch

It’s smart to dedicate one side of your balcony as a designated seating area. The major advantage of a built-in couch is that it takes up lesser space and can seat more people compared to other types of seats.

wooden pallet balcony furniture set
You can really do everything with wood palettes. Source: Tanja Sovulj (Instagram)

Pro tip: Use wooden palettes. They’re cheap and you can build a couch in just a couple of minutes. Here’s a place where you can find plenty of worldwide pallet distributors, with more than 50 stores in the US. You’ll also be able to find places that give away pallets or sell your own stash.

School chairs

We’ve spent hours in these as kids, so they must be designed in accordance with the latest ergonomic standards at the time. Probably not, based on my personal experience, but they can certainly provide a nice vintage touch.

old vintage school chair
You can refresh the fabric and apply new coat of painting and your old school chairs will shine.

Pro tip: Check for public auctions at local government buildings and organizations. You can also try the scrape yard or just go full picker mode and go to a local yard sale.

Good substitute would be to use any type of chair that’s not either folding or swinging. Here are some great examples.

Swing chair

Good swinging chair will occupy a lot of space on your balcony. You would be able to combine it only with couple of folding chairs at most, so if you need more sitting spots, go for the full width couch option.

swinging chair balcony patio
You can also find swinging chairs that can be fixated on the wall.

Pro tip: Try to combine the couch and swing chair option by installing a swinging couch for two, mounted on your ceiling.

Folding chairs

Folding chairs are extremely functional because you can easily fold them and put them away whenever you feel like doing. Need an extra chair? Just get one from the stack you have on your balcony.

folding wooden chair tiny balcony
Wood is always an everlasting option that adds style.

Pro tip: Add subtle hangers on the wall and hang you’re folding chairs when you’re not using them.

Floor pillows

If you have a really small balcony, floor pillows are probably the best option because you can place them aside when you don’t need them. And yeah, they are really budget friendly.

floor pillows
If you don’t need anything fancy, you can always go for a DIY variant.

Pro tip: Visit the tailor and explain your idea. I’m sure he’ll be able to produce high-quality pillows that will fit your small balcony.

Recliner chair

Make the most out of you small balcony directly exposed to the sun by getting a comfortable recliner chair, preferably with a can holder.

There’s nothing better than enjoying an ice cold cocktail on your burning hot balcony.

You can combine your reclining chair with a matching coffee table.

Pro Tip: There is a variety of mini folding recliner chairs you can choose from, but always keep in mind the size of the surface you operate with and

Where to put my coffee

Where to sit? | Where to store my stuff?

Now that you’re all comfortable in your new swinging chair it’s just the right time for a well deserved cup of coffee. But, where can you place your mug?

Finding a table that goes well together with your couch can be an art form by itself.

Here are some creative suggestions that will solve all your problems.

Small metal and wood coffee table

This table is perfect for your balcony. It will blend well with your couch and swing chairs. Opt for a round or rectangular coffee table depending on your taste.

It’s functional and looks good with a custom built-in two seater.

Pro Tip: There is a variety of mini folding recliner chairs you can choose from, but always keep in mind the size of the surface you operate with and the material you’re combining.

Mounted mini bar

Use the geography of your balcony if you want to maximize on its potential. Mounting a simple DIY bar on the holding grip on your balcony, if viable, can do wonders for the atmosphere when your friends come over.

Here are some really good examples:

This website is operated by group of cats that want to take over the world.

Pro Tip: Use material from the local home depot store and make your own custom made bar. You really don’t need any professional help for this one.

Side table

Every balcony needs a side table and the good news is they come in different shapes and sizes, making them one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture you can get.

Pro Tip: Match your side table with your coffee table and don’t miss on the opportunity to use it as a storage unit and coffee holder at the same time.

Where to store all my stuff?

Where to sit? | Where to put my coffee?

Your balcony can serve as a functional storage area if you know where to place a small shelf on the wall and add a trunk in the corner or just bellow your couch.

Here’s the best way to create extra storage space on your balcony.

Wall shelf

The material doesn’t matter, just find something that fits well together with your overall decor, but you should really pay attention to the size of your shelves and how far apart you mount them.

Remember, it’s important for the items you combine to match, but you should also think about functionality.

Shelves are a great place to kickstart your balcony garden.

Pro Tip: You can create an entire metal construction with shelves sticking out, like the one on the picture, so you can move them around in the future, if necessary.

Wall hangers

Wall hangers of different sizes can be hung around the walls of your balcony. The wall hangers can be made from different materials. The most important thing is that the hangers selected are classy and match your existing decor.

You can place light items like small flower pots.

Pro Tip: You can combine hangers with shelves and create a little nursery for your new plants.

Be creative with your drawers

You can incorporate drawers into your balcony table. This helps to maximize space while providing extra storage for your everyday items.

Cool side table with just enough room for storage.

Don’t write off trunks

If you have enough space, try and use some cool vintage trunk you found at a garage sale as a cross between a table and storage unit. Here’s a good example:

Turn your couch into a powerful storage unit

Your couch gives you tons of options in terms of storage, especially if it’s a custom made DIY piece that fits perfectly in one corner of your balcony.

How to decorate your balcony

Your balcony should not only contain chairs and tables. You need to spruce it up to make it look welcoming and relaxing.


When you have all those tables, shelves and pallet elements on your balcony, it’s really easy to spruce things up with some natural air purifiers, that will also make you stay at the balcony more pleasant.

It only takes lots of willpower to take care of a tiny garden on your balcony.


From lamps to lanterns, there are really tons of options you can choose from, but don’t forget about lights as they’re an integral part of every well equipped balcony.

It’s never enough.

Wooden pallets

These are trendy and there is a lot of DIY material on pallets at the moment. You can use them as a stand to hold your flowers, stool or table for stretching your feet and placing your coffee on. The pallet is multi-functional and should be considered as a wonderful addition to our balconies.

Just mount wheels on the bottom and you have a couch that can be moved anywhere.

This concludes our design ideas for a small balcony. Let us know what you think about our suggestions and share your experience in the comment section.


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