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Balconies are great to decorate for enjoying your time outdoors or building a mini balcony garden and being closer to nature, but balcony flooring is an area you also need to pay attention to. 

Since balconies are outdoor spaces, they are exposed to the elements: extreme sunlight, heat, cold, rain and wind. Builders will generally use durable materials for the balcony floor but these can often be drab and uninspiring. And if your balcony is made from wood, it will need extra care and attention.

In this article we will discuss your best options for balcony flooring, along with tips on how to make the balcony a welcoming and stylish space. 

Types of balcony flooring

Let’s explore your various choices for giving a “floor-lift” to your balcony space.

Balcony Tiles

Tiles are always versatile and functional. You have so many options to choose from regarding materials and designs, that the possibilities are endless! 

You can pick: 

  • ceramic tiles, plain or with designs 
  • interlocking tiles, that are easy to install 
  • wooden tiles, with a natural finish or painted
  • stone tiles for a more rustic look
  • vinyl tiles that are durable and sturdy and come in many different textures and designs
Balcony with floor tiles
There are endless options for balcony floor tiles

Tiles will give the balcony a lovely look and you can adapt them to your style to create a space that will reflect your personality. And if you want to spend time on the balcony for enjoying meals or drinks with friends, tiles are a great option because they are easy to clean.

Wooden Planks

With wooden planks, you can create a wooden deck feel on your balcony. You can choose wide or narrow planks, depending on your style, and keep the wooden finish or paint them for a more colorful look.

Balcony umbrellas are the perfect antidote to the hot sun

This material will give an effect that will make you feel like you’re on a porch or patio, not just a small balcony. It will also look great with all sorts of balcony furniture and potted plants, if that’s something you want to have on your outdoor space.


Concrete is a really cool material and it’s always used to give a more industrial look to spaces. Your balcony might well have a concrete floor already. If that’s the case and you don’t like it, hear us out.

concrete balcony floor with stencil design
Concrete may feel boring but it’s really versatile. You can paint it or even add stencils

Modern concrete flooring can offer a great variety of stylistic options. You can have a painted concrete floor for color, or use stencils to create various designs. There’s even the option of stamping, etching or engraving that add unique texture that you can’t easily get with other materials.

Decorating your balcony flooring

Apart from adding painted elements and designs, you can also make a drab balcony floor more interesting by adding decorations. For example: 

  • You can add artificial grass for a softer effect on the floor
  • Carpets and rugs and color and texture that can easily be changed
  • Some areas with pebbles will look really great if you have space for it
  • Bamboo mats will make the space warm and welcoming
  • Foam mats will make the balcony ideal for playtime if you have kids  
balcony floor decoration rugs
Rugs make the balcony feel colorful and welcoming

The importance of waterproofing your balcony floor

As we mentioned earlier, balconies are outdoor spaces and they are exposed to the elements, especially rain and snow. Porous materials such as concrete, wood and stone can absorb moisture and this can lead to damage. The best way to avoid that is to make your balcony flooring waterproof. This will keep moisture on the surface without letting it be absorbed. 

Make sure to pick the right waterproofing agent for the material on your balcony and apply it according to instructions. It’s best to do this every year, but if that feels like too much work, there are also permanent waterproofing options. 

Picking a good flooring option for your balcony will make a great difference in the enjoyment of your outdoor space. Thankfully there’s a wide range of available options out there, to suit every need and every taste!

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