11 Cozy Small Backyard Ideas: Size Doesn’t Matter

Is having a small backyard a curse or just blessing in disguise? It really depends from what you need from your space. Is this an area where you want to entertain large groups with kids or just a tiny piece of heaven for you, your dog and your life partner?

It’s important to be open minded and try out different options even if you fail and spend couple of extra bucks. Who knows, maybe that is just the right corner for a 10 feet palm. You won’t know for sure until you try.

Here is our list of small backyard ideas that will satisfy anyone in 2021:

Observation deck

Watch over your kids like a hawk from an observation deck that connects with your kitchen and dining room. Get a cowbell or triangle to gather everyone for a home cooked meal.

Hidden Gem

Enjoy the city life with your better half in a secluded tiny backyard with lots of flowers and greenery.

Meditation Corner

Need to wind down after a hard day at work? Build your own meditation capsule that will transport you deep into the jungle in manner of seconds.

Let The Grownups Talk

modern backyard with fireplace
Separate the grown ups and kid spaces with an eating area and you can have a functional tiny backyard with zero effort.

Party Animal

There’s enough room for the kids to run around the trees and you can always turn this into a party place for your friends no matter the occasion.

Japandi Spa Experience

Japandi aesthetic is the new Scandinavian minimalism. You can have a private seating area where you enjoy a cocktail and an area for fun, in a really small space. Notice that well placed sunscreen on the pergola? That can make all the difference on a rainy day.

Everyday BBQ

Think pizza oven and smokeless BBQ. Place where you can gather the family for a meal or entertain a party of up to 10 people. Make sure you chose the right materials for your patio, as it will be subjected to lots of steaming and grease from the cooking area.

It Ties The Room Together

If you have a small backyard yet enough room on the inside of the house, you can turn a huge chunk of your spare room into a sitting area or even a functional summer kitchen.

Rustic Full Of Green

You can find piece and serenity surrounded by flowers and plants. Great look for retirees that have grandchildren coming for a visit over the weekend.

Urban Private Corner

Everybody deserves some privacy, even if you’re living way downtown. Create your own corner using a wood fence and a pergola that can create some solid shade or just keep nosy eyes away. This is ideal environment for pets and kids to bond.

Compact Beach House

It’s always good to have somewhere to relax after a long day on the beach and have a quiet dinner with your family. If you have kids, make sure to throw couple of lazy bags under the pergola and have tons toys around the pool.

Share your own tiny backyard wonder with us in the comment section, and we’ll make sure to include some of them in our article. Till then, make sure to support our work by being active readers of the site and check out some of our content on the topic of backyards, and much more


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