14 Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts to Bridge the Space Gap Between You

Bend space-time with these creative gift ideas

Generally, relationships are getting harder and harder in today’s fast-paced society. Add long distance on top of that, and it seems impossible, right?


The only thing that matters is that you’ve mutually decided to be committed to each other. If that is indeed what has happened, then it tells me you’ve already made a connection and fallen for each other. You’ve organized your time around each other, planning date nights every week, communicating openly, making some inside jokes, and setting relationship boundaries.

But, life gets in the way. Whether it’s work, study or family, you should keep your relationship alive for a few weeks or months, near or far away. No matter if this is the first situation like this for you or one of many, these long-distance relationship gifts will bring you closer than ever in their unique ways. 

From personalized gifts to homemade do-it-yourself gifts, music, and tech gifts using the five senses. Creative ideas to fully awaken your partner and to easily keep in touch. 

Note: Keep an open mind! Some of these gift ideas can also apply to your close friends or family members that live far away from you.

Our Top Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for 2022

  1. The Lovebox Original
  2. “Friendship” Lamps
  3. Retro USB Mixtape

LDR Gifts For Her

A Memento Journal - 100 Things I Love About You: A Love Journal

Each relationship we have is different. This journal will help you describe every little thing you love about her, using creatively made prompts. She will appreciate the effort and care you’ve put into this DIY gift. Show her your devoted affection and make her feel special.

Best for - A woman who appreciates the extra time invested by her man for her remarkable one-of-a-kind gift.

An Elegant Necklace - Madeline Two Initial Pendant

You can choose up to 3 different materials based on her preferences. Pendants are made of gold, silver, or rose gold. It’s simple and elegant. She can wear it on many occasions and layer it with other types of necklaces. Just order a two-coin pendant stamped with your and her first name initials. 

Best for - Mysterious women who want to intrigue others about what her pendant initials stand for; or to simply state that she’s in a long-distance relationship.

A Box Packed with Love - The Lovebox Original

Swap the ordinary way of texting through the phone with something more tangible. A great gift idea for her if you are somebody that enjoys surprising her with love letters, animations, and drawings.

The heart spins when she receives your message, and she can open the lid to see what’s inside. Then she can manually turn the heart, letting you know she loves what you’ve sent her. The more unpredictable you are, the bigger her love spark will be when she finally sees you. This gift makes an exceptional anticipation builder.

Best for - Women whose love language is words of affirmation.

Naughty Toy for Naughty People - We-Vibe Moxie

Are you looking for sex gifts for your long-distance relationship? Then, you’re at the right place! This clitoral vibrator is very discreet and can be comfortably placed underneath any material. It’s a great sex toy for people who love sexting, enjoying their sexual experience through video calls, or for men who like to take charge from anywhere in the world.

Through the brand app, you can take control or even set personalized vibration rhythms that will literally blow her mind. Let this be your secret “inside” joke.

Best for - Women who love to surrender control to their trusting partner.

A Heart-Shaped Leaf - Hoya Heart

An easy plant to look after, it can be a symbol of your everlasting love. Show her how much you dig her, without being too needy. Let her feed this little plant and see how much it has blossomed when she returns to your arms. That is a breath-taking moment that will be justifiable by the given oxygen from this cute little plant.

Best for - Nurturing women who love to take care of succulent plants.

LDR Gifts For the Both of You

One Tap to Light Them All - “Friendship” Lamps

Now, this is a fascinating concept! You get one pair of lamps. You keep one to yourself. Next, you send the other one to your partner. Using an app, you can instantaneously stay connected by tapping on the top of the lamp. You can set up different colors, dimming times, sleep timers, and more. 

You can get creative and give each of the colors some meaning. For example, if you set the color of your lamp to red and tap on the top of it, this will immediately light up the other lamp with the same red color. Here are some ideas:  

  • Red: Date night, tonight?
  • Blue: I have a question for you
  • Green: Are you available?

Best for - A couple who likes to stay in touch in their unique way. 

Endless Date Nights - Disney+ subscription

The perfect combination of a gift and date night idea. Why not increase your enjoyment by spending some quality time together? Sharing your laughter always sets good memories, and planning dates is as easy as possible.

With the “friendship” lamps, you can check your significant other’s availability, and with the next thoughtful gift idea on our list, you can quickly set up the time. 

Best for - Couples who enjoy watching movies and series together.

Planning Dates & Calls as Easy as Possible - Personalized Two Time Zone Clock

As we mentioned above, this will make organizing your time with your S.O. as simple as possible. You won’t need to check time zones or calculate the hour difference. Depending on where you stay, you can personalize your different time zones, PLUS the colors of the clock. They can be fixed on the wall or placed on your desk. Bonus points: they are entirely recyclable!

Best for - Couples who like to save time by not overthinking about time.  

Feel the Touch from Anywhere in the World - Long Distance Connection Bracelets

Another cool concept. You stay in touch with your S.O. by tapping on the bracelet and sending the mimicked number of taps and sensational vibrations. It has customizable LED colors and different colored wrist bands.

You can create unique meanings for various colors, like with the “friendship” lamps, AND build your own “Morse Code” by tapping different combinations. For example, three taps could mean “I love you”… On top of everything, you have an encrypted private chat and a durable, waterproof design.

Best for -  Couples who like the feeling of staying connected with their lover.

LDR Gifts For Him

Keep Your Real Love Toy Soft & Supple - 3-Pack Boxer Brief

Surprise your man with a couple of cute boxer briefs. He will treasure them, even if they start breaking out (which is unlikely). They’re made of softer-than-soft MicroModal material.

It has a wicked moisture-wicking ability that will keep him fresh and smelling great even after the most intense workouts. Additionally, they’re shrink-resistant, preventing unnecessary pressure, constant tugging, and pulling while finding “the right comfortable spot”…

Best for - Men who take a great deal of care for their “package” and want to enjoy comfy undies.

Instant Share of Personalized Photos and Videos - Smart Digital Picture Frame

Ahh, a digital picture frame. He won’t know what hit him. With this handy tool, you can send him different pictures at different times of the day. He could wake up to a different picture frame (or video) every day.

For example, if he is out of town for a couple of days for work, you can share your moments with him and what you’re up doing. This information is especially beneficial if you have kids. Make him feel included in your everyday life.

Best for - Men who want to know what their S.O. is doing during the day, her favorite moments, or men who want to wake up to your alluring silhouette (wink, wink).

Let Him Feel Your Presence - Scented Candles

The sense of smell is a fascinating thing that can bring back even the oldest memories. Imagine yourselves on date night, burning the same type of candles in your room, smelling the same air together. It can feel like you are both in the same room. You can be innovative too.

For example, if you are staying in New York and he is in California, you can send him the scent of your town. Bring him into your world and let his nose lead him to you. 

Best for - Men who enjoy scents, especially scents he remembers while being with you.

Make a Personal Playlist for Him - Retro USB Mixtape

Who here still remembers the old cassette players? Rewinding so you can listen to your favorite track again? Yeeeah, newer generations won’t know the struggle, but they can respect the retro style and how we got here, from this to portable pocket players (smartphones). Now, you’ve got the best of two worlds, a USB mixtape!

You can create a DIY personalized playlist for him. You can choose the 80s, the 90s, or some tracks he’s told you he enjoyed as a kid. The possibilities are endless. There is also a blank title and list of songs you can name just for him. 

Best for - Men who love the retro aesthetic of cassette tapes.

Happy Feet - Custom Socks with Picture & Text

Happy feet are warm feet. What better way to increase his circulation than photo & text customizable socks? Doing this will make him jump off his old, boring socks and show off his new cool socks to everyone he meets. You can even put a picture of his pet and let him share his “puppy love”… Just be creative and keep it fun. 

Best for - Men who are into intriguing types of socks and who want to show their funny side. 

How to Choose the Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

First things first, it’s essential to know your lover very, very well. Think of what your partner loves and will be happy for. Even better if it includes your personal touch. Both of you need emotional support, communication, and appreciation. 

The main reason you’d want to get a gift for your loved ones is to make them feel special, to know that you’ve got their back all the way. No matter how distant you are by land, you can feel as if you’re sitting side by side. Keep things interesting using different tools, whether tech-based, vegan-based, or laughter-based. It’s the thought that counts!

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