The Best Boss Gifts that Do NOT Require You to be a Kiss-Ass

A Special Day is Coming Soon – 2022

Are you wondering where you can find the best gifts for your boss? Well, you’ve clicked to the right place! This year, October 16th is a particular day that requires you to think cautiously. “How do I pick a gift for my favorite boss without being a bootlicker?”. Your favorite boss doesn’t need to be your CEO boss necessarily. You might not be in contact with him or even see him. Your “boss” might be the local field mentor or your manager.

You are free to choose who you respect and answer to, as you are free to choose the best Boss’s Day gift for your leader. Let’s explore the five gift ideas for EACH gender.

Best Gifts for Your Male Boss

Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

A black colored book on leadership by John Wooden

This book is your Hail Mary Boss’s Day gift on how to lead by example and create a loyal organization and enthusiastic atmosphere. A must-read for any boss who wishes to attain his goals through working as a team and bringing service to you as you do for him.

Reading this book will pay dividends for your organization very soon. It explains Wooden’s 12 lessons on leadership and his “Pyramid of Success.” It has everything a modern boss needs and outlines every mental, emotional, and physical quality essential for building a successful organization.

Best for – any boss who wants to become a better leader and instill that knowledge in his organization

Power Bank for the Power Head of the House

A black power bank with dual USB ports, micro-USB and USB-c port, having blue LED light

Being a leader and a boss requires constant communication with employees, business partners, potential customers, and so on while on the go. The demand requires speed and convenience, which our modern technology allows through smartphones and laptops. The disadvantage of this kind of technology is that these electronics can run low on battery pretty fast.

That is where a power bank comes in very handy, as it stores energy that can be transferred to his smartphone or any other electronic and charge its battery. If the mitochondrion is the “powerhouse of the cell,” then the Anker Portable Charger is the powerhouse of any device on the road. This gift is a big PLUS if he is traveling a lot or has a Smart Backpack that he uses or plans to use.

Best for – bosses who have devices that constantly run low on battery.

Big Brain Time

A small identical bobblehead figurine with the man that is based on behind it

This little figure is one of the best gift ideas for your boss if you plan to collect money to buy one quality gift for him, showcasing your team spirit, which will make him proud. This personalized bobblehead displays everyone who is the boss.

It can be placed in his office to subtly show his humor, aside from his bossy everyday attitude. Hell, it even can be placed near the wall clock in your office to remind everybody to stop slacking off and stop waiting for the work time to be over (remember the last five minutes of school?). Everybody must carry their weight and responsibilities after all.

Best for – bosses who love to have their “Mini-Me.”

Soft Lumbar Support

a purple cushion for lower back pain, protected with a black cover

His lower back is most likely to suffer from carrying all those responsibilities. Whether he is working at the desk, sitting on uncomfortable airplane seats, or stressing over crucial deals. This cushion provides the long-desired stress relief he needs.

It has a securing strap, so it won’t slide off even under the most intense load, and a cushion cover that is very easy to take care of and clean. Another bonus is that this cushion is hypoallergenic, which will keep his allergies at bay. So don’t wait for your boss to start falling apart, and show him your support as soon as possible.

Best for – bosses who love to relax their lower back. 

Weight-free Smartphone Usage

An adjustable smartphone holder for hand-free experience

Even holding a small weight of your smartphone for a prolonged time can have a damaging effect on your boss’s wrists. All that time that his smartphone is on his hand while taking calls or having online meetings will take its toll. This adjustable cell phone stand will help stabilize the footage during online calls and provide extreme comfort and a convenient view.

He can multitask while being on a call with anybody and be more time efficient. The stand has an anti-scratch and anti-slippery silicone pad, resulting in zero detrimental effects on his smartphone or phone case.

Best for – bosses who like to have hands-free smartphone use and be able to multitask.

Best Gifts for Your Female Boss

Smart Reusable Notebook

A lavander colored smart Rocketbook that is reusable with microfiber cloth and Pilot FriXion pen

Bosses tend to forget the things they need to take care of and remember, so they lean to write things down a lot. Many paper pages can be used, wasted, and lost during that process. This “smart” eco-friendly notebook is the perfect solution for keeping track of everything. Your boss can write things down, scan the QR code with her smartphone, share the image on any cloud apps/platforms, and then reuse the same pages by wiping off the ink with a damp cloth.

This Rocketbook comes with a microfiber cloth, a Pilot FriXion pen (0.07 mm), and 32 synthetic pages that provide an exceedingly smooth writing experience. The ink from the Pilot FriXion pen needs a few seconds to dry and bond with the pages, this would’ve been a problem for left-handed writers, but fortunately, it’s effortlessly resolved when using the 0.05 mm pen, which makes the ink dry faster. 

Best for – Eco-conscious bosses that like to save and sky-rocket their handwritten notes.

The Steadfast Eyeglasses Holder

Wooden kitty statue that hold (and wear) eyeglasses

This wooden figurine is the best gift you can give your female boss if she adores the feline animals. This handmade kitty will be her devoted eyeglasses guardian and present her with a smudge-free vision. The frames holder will provide a dust-free atmosphere and help her avoid touching her lenses.

She might even get jealous of how much her eyeglasses suit this little kitten, which will also improve the well-established attractiveness of this sculpture. It will also help her locate her eyeglasses in the shortest time possible without wasting brain power. Imagine how badass this kitty will look when she puts her sunglasses on it.

Best for – bosses who have a weakness for kitty-cats. 

The Hustle is On!

boss lady infused with caffeine and hustle wax candle

Most people (especially bosses) need a cup of coffee to start their day and get their hustle on. But, did you know that there is a better option that won’t damage her digestive system? And as a bonus, her office will smell lovely by burning this natural wax candle with the aroma of vanilla and caramel.

This gift will have a purpose even after the whole wax is burned out, roughly after 45 hours. Because there are no additives and all material is natural, this apothecary jar is reusable for any further needs your boss might have. Also, the message and types of candles can be chosen and made unique, according to her preferences. 

The founder of this candle company has a great message. I strongly encourage you to read it.

Best for – boss ladies who like to power fuel their hustle with caffeine.

Snacks that Will Surprise Her Taste Buds

An orange box full of authentic Japanese candy and snacks

What’s usual in the eastern world might be unusual for the western world. These authentic Japanese snacks and candies will supply energy and satisfy any hunger urge through a quick and accessible box. Your boss will be pleasantly surprised by the weird flavors and textures that are uniquely combined each month.

Each snack and candy comes from a different region of Japan, has a distinct theme and reason to be there, and all of them come with a culture guide, making this a fun exploring experience. Click the link and check out what kinds of delicious snacks are in the store.

Best for – bosses that need to replenish their bodies while discovering new tastes and cultures.

Low-maintenance Succulent Buddies

a set of three succulent plants with identical light-blue planters

These adorable plants may look soft and vulnerable at first glance, but they are surprisingly difficult to kill. Even the busiest bosses can take care of these water-fasting flora. They will immediately elevate her view, provide oxygen for her high energy expenditure, and adapt to any environment. They have their matching planters, having four color variations.

They thrive in bright and direct light, can survive under bright indirect light, and need water every 2-3 weeks. Succulents know how to be self-efficient, save energy (water consumption), and get over most stressful situations. A nurturing reminder that your boss will sincerely appreciate. Even after her most stressful days, she can thrive and achieve the best results possible.

Best for – bosses who like to elevate their office view with something natural.

Final Note on the Best Gifts for Your Boss

As you can see, most gift ideas in this article are not sleazy or intimate, don’t last forever, or require your boss to use them constantly, placing you farthest away from being defined as a kiss-ass (Congratulations!). 

When you follow these simple principles, you will, by default, separate yourself from your coworkers and be seen (by your boss) as a person who deeply understands the dynamics of your organization and its hierarchy. You can even include your close coworkers or team in gift decision-making. I’m sure you will come on top no matter what. 

If you want more gift ideas for your boss or Boss’s Day, check out our other article in the section: “Unique Gifts For Your Boss.” We even have a solution in case your boss says he wants nothing.

See you there.

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