There are two sides to ideacious.

ideacious brings together two complementary crowds: buyers and creators.

As a buyer you can shop like you would at any other store, or you can buy products before they’re made. When you do that you not only do your part to bring awesome products into being, you could also make some coin along the way.

As a creator you’ve got a full-service network at your fingertips to help get your idea to market. Plus, you’ll pre-sell all your products before you manufacture the whole lot.

ideacious for buyers

Buyers can shop for two types of products: products that are available now and products in preorder.

Products that are available now
These are products that have reached their critical mass and are already in production. You don’t have the opportunity to preorder these products, which could earn you revenue, but they are ready to ship immediately. To turn up these types of items in a search, check ‘available now’ beside the search box. 

Products in preorder
Now this is the most exciting part. These are products waiting for enough buyers to produce their first manufacturing run. By preordering a product – that is, putting your money down on an item before it has begun production – you are bringing it closer to being made.

ideacious for creators

When we say “creator” we mean anyone with a product idea or design. You don’t have to be a designer, a patent lawyer, or have any special connections to have the chance to bring an idea to market; whatever your skill set, our service network will pick up where you leave off.