Inspirational bathroom design ideas

Your bathroom is the only room where you spend a lot of time alone. This is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you start and end your day. That’s why it’s important to create an environment that will relax you and make you ready to face the day.

Here are some design ideas that will help you during your remodeling or just inspire you to make some simple yet effective changes.

1. White color will always work

There are million color patterns you can go with, but in most cases it’s enough to combine the right shades of white.

all white bathroom
Marble like big tiles go well with a simple white bathtub and a sink with a wooden pattern.
simple white bathroom small tiles window
Even small white tiles go well with a circle bathtub and a wooden/marble elements around the bathroom.

2. Don’t forget about plants

Even if you don’t have a natural source of lighting there are some plants like different types of ferns, which will be capable of surviving only on humidity and warmth.

bathroom plants shelf
You don’t need to overdo it. Couple of aloe plants or a “money plant” should do the trick.
Taking a bath in a rain forest ambient is really cool.
bathroom toilet plants
Where’s the toilet just got a new meaning.

3. Be creative with the materials you use

Your bathtub doesn’t necessarily need to be from porcelain, and your walls can be covered with something else than just tiles. Be creative with the materials you use and you can get your dream bathroom.

That’s a copper bathtub. Yes, copper. You will be surprised by all the different materials you can use for your bathroom.

4. Ambient lights are a nice touch

In most cases you won’t need bright light in your bathroom, especially if you have window, so playing around with ambient lights can make things interesting.

The mirror above the sink and the storage unit below are perfect places to position some dim ambient lights.

5. Turn your sink into a spaceous storage

There are literally dozens of items you can store under the sink ranging from towels to cleaning products. Save on space and get the chance to express your inner self with a unique design.

bathroom sink storage
All your toiletries go in the top two drawers and the towels go below that. Use the extra room for plants.


Hope we’ve provided a fresh perspective of what a bathroom can look like. Share your pain points, ideas and pictures of bathroom remodeling in the comment section. If you hesitate to make a change or you’re just unsure what will work with your space, just let us know and we’ll try to find the perfect solution.

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