14 Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts to Bridge the Space Gap Between You

Bend space-time with these creative gift ideas

Generally, relationships are getting harder and harder in today’s fast-paced society. Add long distance on top of that, and it seems impossible, right?


The only thing that matters is that you’ve mutually decided to be committed to each other. If that is indeed what has happened, then it tells me you’ve already made a connection and fallen for each other. You’ve organized your time around each other, planning date nights every week, communicating openly, making some inside jokes, and setting relationship boundaries.

But, life gets in the way. Whether it’s work, study or family, you should keep your relationship alive for a few weeks or months, near or far away. No matter if this is the first situation like this for you or one of many, these long-distance relationship gifts will bring you closer than ever in their unique ways. 

From personalized gifts to homemade do-it-yourself gifts, music, and tech gifts using the five senses. Creative ideas to fully awaken your partner and to easily keep in touch. 

Note: Keep an open mind! Some of these gift ideas can also apply to your close friends or family members that live far away from you.

Our Top Long-Distance Relationship Gifts for 2022




LDR Gifts For Her

  1. A Memento Journal - 100 Things I Love About You: A Love Journal

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