Superhero Spatulas by Joshua Brassé

Superhero Spatulas by Joshua Brassé

Superhero mentality. Somewhere inside us all is the belief that we’re stronger, faster, or possibly even telekinesic. Maybe, maybe not.  Regardless, with clever thinking we can all enjoy the experience of flight, x-ray vision, and the like. And now, not unlike Superman himself - reaching into fire to grab his glasses - we can saute, …

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Dinnerware by Khalil Jamal

Asymmetrical and stackable, this three-piece ceramic set serves up an artful dinner. This place setting features a bowl, a side plate and a dinner plate made from glazed ceramic. Inspired by the asymmetrical lines created by spinning plates, the smaller dishes sit in the larger ones offering a sculptural table setting. They are dishwasher and …

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