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arrow How ideacious works
There are two sides to ideacious.

ideacious brings together two complementary crowds: buyers and creators.
As a buyer you can shop like you would at any other store, or you can buy products before they’re made. When you do that you not only do your part to bring awesome products into being, you could also make some coin along the way. As a creator you’ve got a full-service network at your fingertips to help get your idea to market. Plus, you’ll pre-sell all your products before you manufacture the whole lot.

ideacious for buyers

Buyers can shop for two types of products: products that are available now and products in preorder.

Products that are available now
These are products that have reached their critical mass and are already in production. You don’t have the opportunity to preorder these products, which could earn you revenue, but they are ready to ship immediately. To turn up these types of items in a search, check ‘available now’ beside the search box.

Products in preorder
Now this is the most exciting part. These are products waiting for enough buyers to produce their first manufacturing run. By preordering a product – that is, putting your money down on an item before it has begun production – you are bringing it closer to being made. More on preordering:

ras Buy now, make money later
Preordering rewards your patience and support with more than just heart-warming feelings – you’ll also earn revenue on every production run after the initial one for the next 10 years.

ras The early bird gets the fattest worm
The first person to preorder a product will earn the most revenue. The second person will get the second most, and so on down the line. How much worm, or revenue, you get is determined by the product’s creator. Each product will earn you a different amount, which is clearly presented on its detail page.

ras $5 secures your position in line
Preordering the product by putting $5 down saves your spot. Once that product has enough buyers to go forward with manufacturing, you will confirm your order and pay the remaining balance. If you change your mind you can transfer your full $5 to another product. If you back out completely and don’t want to transfer your money, you will be charged a $1 processing fee and get $4 back. And you certainly won’t be earning any money.

ideacious for creators

When we say “creator” we mean anyone with a product idea or design. You don’t have to be a designer, a patent lawyer, or have any special connections to have the chance to bring an idea to market; whatever your skill set, our service network will pick up where you leave off. Here are some things you should know:

ras It all starts with an idea
Come up with a new product idea or design and we’ll walk you through the process of getting it up and running. If you’re a designer who can produce a fully resolved product ready for manufacturing, you can get started for as little as $100 – which is reimbursed once you hit your critical mass. If you aren’t able to get your product finished on your own we’ve got a comprehensive network of talent for you to choose services from.

About our process – it was built to be as risk-free, cost-effective, and efficient as possible. As product designers ourselves, we’re using this exact same process to realize our own ideas, so there’s no greener grass beyond yonder fence; the side you’re on now is greener than ever.

ras Stronger together
With the ideacious community behind you, you can accomplish so much more. To start with, preorders from your community will provide the funding to get your product manufactured. And in return for their early orders, you give them the opportunity to make money.

Now when it comes to getting the word out about your product, it’s not just you that wants to spread the news – with the promise of receiving your upcoming creation plus an opportunity to make money, your early buyers have reason to share and encourage sales. And ideacious will facilitate marketing, sharing, and sales with more tools on the way as we develop in beta.

Throughout the process, don’t hesitate to connect with your community via ideacious. Listen to their feedback to help inform your next set of products. Heck, maybe you’ll partner up with someone on something new.

ras You call the shots
You have ultimate creative control. You decide how much of a financial incentive to give to your early buyers. It’s your product. You do what you want.

ras Sales: It’s not like we’re going steady
ideacious offers you a platform to sell your product on, plus the entire system that will get your idea manufactured and shipped – but it’s ok if you still want to see other people. Your product can be sold anywhere, so long as you place the order through ideacious.

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