10 Creative gift ideas to satisfy people who have everything

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or annual holiday, some people are just so difficult to find gifts for. Of course, you want to buy them something meaningful and memorable that will last longer than the day it is unwrapped but finding the perfect present can be such a struggle.

In a modern age where people can order what they want at the click of a button, it can be hard to find a worthwhile gift when that person has everything they could possibly want. So, it raises the question: what do you buy the person that has everything?

If you’re one of those people fretting, then don’t panic. Here’s just a few sparks of inspiration that’ll help save you from those gift shopping nightmares.

For Him

From dads to boyfriends, uncles and cousins, everyone has a man of some sort in their life, and men can be some of the most indecisive customers to please. Gone are the days where a tie or some socks would do the job, so why not try finding something specific to them?

The Sub Home Draught Beer 


It doesn’t matter if he’s a lager, ale, or cider drinker, with over 25 canisters to choose from the Sub by KRUPS is the ultimate home draught beer device.

Holding 2-litres of beer, the Sub will keep your beverages at a cool 2 degrees until ready for pouring. 

Personalized Sound Wave Print


Are they a music lover, or do you share that special song you danced the night away to?

Available in four colors, you can pick any song to be printed and framed to be hung as funky artwork – you can even add a personalized message to the bottom.

Dumper Truck Racing

Image result for dumper truck racing

Go-karts and flashy sports cars can be cool, although something a little different like the Dumper Truck Racing experience is muddy messy fun that won’t be soon forgotten.

Available at Diggerland in the UK, the course is filled with all kinds of obstacles to avoid whilst racing in a powerful dumper truck against friends or family.

For Her

Girls just want to have fun, or so Cyndi Lauper tells us. Whoever the special lady is in your life, you want to make sure whatever it is you buy for them makes them smile. Flowers are temporary and diamonds are forever, but not everyone can afford a diamond for their mother’s birthday so maybe try one of these.

Party Bangle Flask

Related image

If you can’t choose between alcohol or jewellery, this charming novelty item can conceal 100ml of your favourite beverage. 

Nobody will know if she’s hiding a refreshing sip of water, or a cheeky tipple to liven up the party. Made from stainless steel, the charming bracelet is available in silver and rose gold, although you might want to buy her a drink to fill it up with too.

Literary Gift Set

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum Gift Set - Literary Emporium

Are they an avid reader? For all those literary bookworms, the Literary Emporium supplies themed gift sets that include a special edition of a classic novel, as well as a matching t-shirt and enamel pin.

Including Sylvia Plath, George Orwell, and Margery Attwood, there are eight gift sets to choose from each with their own literary theme. Or, scour the website and find one of their other personalized literary gifts.

Gin Distillery Tour


With the recent popularity of gin in the past few years, there’s no reason why not to tour the world-famous Bombay Sapphire distillery in Hampshire. This day out for two – yes, you can go too – offers gin tasting, a gift pack, guided and self-guided tours round the distillery site.

Sure, it only lasts for the day but it will be remembered long after that. Just remember to book a hotel afterward, right? 

For the Whole Family

Bringing the family together can be a challenge, and being able to entertain them all is a gift in itself, so how do you keep everyone happy? Something that the kids can enjoy as well as the grown-ups is the aim of all these presents.

Knitted Beard Hat


Ever wondered how terrifying it would be to see the whole family with beards? With the Beard Head knitted hats even the kids can sprout a bushy chin guard. 

Made from soft wool and acrylic yarn, not only are the knitted beard hats stylish to wear but fully functional as winter wear that’ll keep the whole family warm when skiing, snowball fights, or just a leisurely autumnal walk.

Waffle Bowl Maker


Who needs a whole new crockery set when you can make one out of waffles? The Waffle Bowl Maker combines the enjoyment to be had from arts and crafts with the tasty outcomes of baking.

Personalized with your own toppings and filling, the kids will be begging you to make them waffle bowls from morning to night.

Something Different

Some people just can’t be pleased and require a gift so out of the ordinary they might not have ever thought they needed it. Why not try something different for this person?

Ancestry DNA Test

Image result for ancestry

The mystery of our ancestors will forever beguile us, wanting to know where we truly come from. Is there a long lineage linking you back to an ancient king or queen? Or were you from a foreign far away land?

Just by sending a simple saliva sample, the Ancestry.com DNA test can tell you about your ethnicity and identify all potential relatives around the world, so why not surprise a friend or family member? 

Lord & Ladyship Titles

Lordship (Lord) Title Pack

Of course, everyone has heard of adopting a wild animal, or naming a star after someone, but crowning someone with the title of Lord or Lady is an honour only you can bestow.

The person in question will receive a certificate, 5 square feet of land, a title crest, and the entitlement to call themselves an official Lord or Lady by British law. It’s an odd gesture, but sure to put a smile one their face.

These are just a handful of gift ideas for you to buy the person that has everything, but if you have any of your own strange and wonderful concepts, or if you’ve received an especially different gift you want to share then comment below.

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