$1 Gift Ideas

We know that times are tough, gifts are getting more and more expensive. Giving someone what they actually want can cost you a fortune. Reading our heading, “$1 Gift Ideas”, you might think No way, this is impossible!

You say, “Impossible.” Ideacious says, “Challenge accepted!”

You won’t be able to buy your friend the newest car, but if you use your creativity you can still purchase a fun gift for $1 or less. Here is a list of gifts that will cost you $1 or less.

Pop Corn

Pop Corn

Avoid purchasing expensive ready-made popcorn from the movie theatres. Buying popcorn kernels will not only save you a few dollars it can also provide you with some fun.

You are going to have to apply your cooking skills for this one. Buy a small pack of unpopped popcorn kernels from your local grocer. You can get a pack from Wallmart ranging between $1.50-$12.00. Keep in mind one bag of unpopped kernels will more than triple in size.

Heat a pot with oil and add kernels into the hot oil, be careful. Once the kernels have popped remove from the pot, let it cool and season to taste.

Use small plastic bags, laying around the house to put popcorn in, tie with a ribbon for a beautiful effect.

Gaming Dice

Awesome Dice’s Red 36 Piece Opaque Dice

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like playing around with dice in the house? Whether you twirl them around in your hand as a stress-reliever or let it decide your fate. Every household should have a decent pair of dice.

Awesome Dice has a variety of gaming dice available in an array of colors and shapes. For a whopping $5 you can get a 36 piece. If you give each of your friends two dice (Assuming you have 18 friends), you’ll be way under budget.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards

Let game night continue by giving your friends a deck of cards. To make your gift more fun, you can print out a few card game rules and ideas. Set up a scoring system and host a weekly game night.

Dollar Tree has a deck of playing cards available on a budget.



Snuggle up on one of Dollar Tree’s bedding offers. Whether it’s a pillowcase or a mattress cover, your friend will appreciate the thoughtful gift.

Use a permanent marker to write their initials or a funny slogan like “The King Rests Here” on the $1 pillowcase.

Handmade Card

Handmade Thank You Card

You don’t have to spend a dime when you put in some time and creativity. Find cut-off colorful paper, hardboard, glue and colored pens lying around the house. Design a card and decorate it with glitter, leaves or other bibs-and-bobs that you can find in drawers.

Seal the deal by writing a heartfelt message inside.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to make your friends feel special. Giving them something funny or handmade will put a smile on their face, regardless.

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